Spoiler: Death of Inhumans #2, the Death of an Inhuman

Death of Inhumans #2 is out today. And as the title of the book says, we get a death. The images below are redacted. The accompanying text is not, so only read if you do not mind spoilers.

So we start off with Vox fighting Karnak. And it is not going well.

But with smug satisfaction he has a message from the king.

And it is a typical Black Bolt message.

And coming across Karnak at the hands of Vox, Black Bolt has another message.

Message received.

And a rebuttal given.

And Vox has a message of his own.


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21 Responses to Spoiler: Death of Inhumans #2, the Death of an Inhuman

  1. Mel V says:

    loving Vox

  2. A. King says:

    Why do they feel the need to kill everyone ?

    • agentpoyo says:

      Marketing = Sales

      Kill’em to boost sales.. Bring them back to life to boost sales.

      • Anthony says:

        Reboot the series to increase sales Is the only thing you forgot

      • agentpoyo says:

        True. Kill’em, bring’em back then shortly after that they get their own series or their series is rebooted with a new volume and number 1 issue.

      • A. King says:

        That’s exactly why I’m passing on this, and 95% of all Marvel titles

      • agentpoyo says:

        I dislike all the reboots and deaths only for the characters to come back but still read more Marvel than DC. But I wish they could come up with more kick ass stories rather than killing off characters.. once upon a time, comic book writers wrote awesome stories driven by creativity rather than a corporation driven by just making more and more money.

      • Richard G. says:

        And slab them fast to be first in the market …..to increase sales! Well said –

  3. Brennan says:

    With all the ‘we’ and ‘us’ what are the odds Vox has a symbiote????

  4. Victor says:

    Why is Vox wearing “Earth X” armor and what’s up with his face?

  5. Gary J says:

    Are we sure Black Bolt is dead?
    Death Of The Inhumans (2018) #3 (of 5)
    Once, Black Bolt’s voice could shatter planets. Now, it cannot even break down the walls that hold him. The Midnight King is naught but a wounded prisoner — and his family but lambs to the slaughter. They will plea for help from a distant ally. It will not save them.

  6. Brennan says:

    He’s not. No body, no death. All we know is that he has had his throat cut and he fell to his knees. Plus, the narration captions in the beginning give it away.

  7. adam wonders the blind comicpimp says:

    r.i.p. black bolt. you produce a craptacular t.v. show you die #testify love you guys blind adam out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Gxt_3IcZP0&t=56s

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