Spoilers: Fantastic Four #1, The Return of Fantastic Four?

Fantastic Four #1 hits stores tomorrow. It is many things, a touching story about family, growth of characters Ben and Johnny, but is it the return of Fantastic Four? Check out the spoilers below. Spoiler images are protected, click on the spoiler warning to see the redacted images, the accompanying text is not protected, so please only read if you are ok with spoilers:

First up, Ben takes a big step in his life.

Ben asks Johnny a serious question, Johnny gives a surprising answer.

Johnny and Ben come to a realization. Sadly.

But then…..

A message.

And in the back up story, Impossible Man gives a unique perspective of the first issue.

15 thoughts on “Spoilers: Fantastic Four #1, The Return of Fantastic Four?”

  1. SMH…. There’s a reason I avoid Dan Slott.

    Slotts gonna be mad you spoiled his new book Tony before release day…. 😉

      1. Probably not. the Thing is not so lucky, they’ll probably kill her off. I know I would, killing the love of his life to make Ben get all dark.. make him the badass he’s suppose to be.

  2. Just curious if you guys have noticed many of the Fantastic Four #1s came with printer damage. My LCS ordered many copies of each variant, including 100 copies of the Arthur Adams variant – 95% of the books had spine damage – the owner reached out to diamond to report the damages and the rep said many retailers are reporting the same problem and are investigating this – maybe replacement copies coming – massive problem I think

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