Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 8/8/18

Each week, hundreds of new comics hit the shelves, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery August 8, 2018


Killer B’s

Catwoman #2 Artgerm Cover – another great Artgrm cover. New Catwoman series started off cool with a mystery of a bunch of Catwomen, Catwomans perhaps. Anyway, a great cover.

Flash #52 Killer B Cover – Many places have this listed as Gabriele Dell Otto art, but looks like Mattina to me. Either way, a must pick up for me. Diamond recently updated their listing from Mattina to Dell Otto.

Superman #2 Adam Hughes Cover – Much better than the first cover, this one features a Hughes Lois Lane. I do like the 3D look to his art on this.

The New #1’s
Sandman Universe #1 – Sandman returns to the comic pages. The last series didn’t seem to do much on the secondary market. I am loving the Sam Kieth cover, partially because I am a long time fan of his but also because he was the original artist on Sandman. The Jim Lee one also looks awesome.

Fantastic Four #1 – Marvel’s First Family returns to the pages of comics this week after a long hiatus. Multiple covers on this but I do like the Artgerm Cover Set.

Hot Lunch Special #1 – Very strange name for a comic, but related to the story. Described as a Midwestern Noir, think Fargo, in fact, I think fans of Fargo might like this one.

Black Badge #1 – New Matt Kindt series. Secret agent boy scout story, real world politics seen through the eyes of kids, very cool and Kindt has his fans.

The Image Killer B
Unnatural #2 – features an Artgerm B cover. Surprised at how much I enjoyed the first issue. Not Artgerm’s finest but not a bad looking cover.

One to Watch
Blastosaurus #1 – This is New Zealand’s best selling comic. Sold out at a few places online. All ages book. I wouldn’t say this is a buy, but if it does end up popping, know where to grab one. Might not be for everyone.

The Indy Gem
Norah #1 – cool sounding new series from the small press company Source Point. Small print, run cool read.

Norah and her husband, Dr. James Seizhelm, developed a drug for an intergalactic branch of the military. It mimicked a synthetic genome, altering the DNA of the subject injected with the serum. It left James dead, and Norah with the ability to enter the minds of others. Now she makes her living as a coma-fisher, entering the minds of the comatose to either pull them out or send them to their death.

Small Press Pick of the Week
Long Live Pro Wrestling #0 – New series from Solar Flare writer James Haick. Awesome story about more than pro wrestling.

The Pick of the Week
Riptide #1 – New mini series from Red 5 comics, very cool concept. Meteor hits the earth and the earths water recedes, but then comes crashing back. Passengers on a cruise ship end up on an “alien landscape” previously covered by water.

That’s it for this week, let us know what you are speccing on. And in case you missed it, here is the new comic spec review video for 8/8/18:

6 thoughts on “Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 8/8/18”

  1. Like the Artgerm FF covers too, but all 4 on issue 1? $24 for 4 copies of the same book is ridiculous! Wish they’d spaced out over the 1st 4 issues, like the Skottie Young variants, then I’d buy all 4. Instead, I’m only getting 1. I refuse to give in to this variant overkill!!

  2. Seems like a very light week which is nice. I was debating on the Artgerm FF covers but it doesn’t make sense to buy all 4, would rather put the $ on other comics.

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