Free Comics Wednesday Long Live Pro Wrestling / The Mall Giveaway

We are doing another Free Comic Wednesday Giveaway. This time sponsored by Scout Comics and writer James Haick. In honor of the new book, Long Live Pro Wrestling, out in stores tomorrow, and the recently released The Mall, we are doing two signed prize packs. Check out below for the full details.

Two prize packs, two winners. Check out the video below for the books.

The Rules are simple:

  1. No purchase necessary, but feel free to pick up a copy of Long Live Pro Wrestling and the Mall at your local comic ship.
  2. Enter your name below (If this is your first time entering it can take up to 24 hours for your name to show up. Don’t worry, your entry is still recorded.
  3. One entry per person.
  4. Winner agrees to pay for shipping (we will ship these anywhere in the world)

Thats it,  good luck


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113 Responses to Free Comics Wednesday Long Live Pro Wrestling / The Mall Giveaway

  1. Shssael Perez says:

    Shssael Perez

  2. Ronald Molnár says:

    The MALL was/is my very favorite comic book out of all the others that were available on FCBD,. And the other day i noticed this new wrestling comic book coming out and it’s about the announcer i think?!… Im not sure but I WANT IT!!! (I’m actually omw to the shop for my pulls including that one!)

  3. Joseph Lozada says:

    Joseph Lozada

  4. Phil Ford says:

    Phil Ford

  5. BED says:

    Brian Davis

  6. Mike Johnson says:

    Mike Johnson

  7. Michael Laranjo says:

    Great giveaway – loved the mall and picked up long live this week – thanks – MichEl

  8. William Wilson says:

    William Wilson

  9. Elaine Buck says:

    Elaine Buck

  10. Sean Jenkins. That “Breakfast Club” The Mall cover homage is awesome

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