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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 198th edition of the open forum!

How about them spoilers this week?

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

73 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. cbcs needs to get their sh&t together (I know they have a forum for these comments but I needed a fresh space to vent, thanks).

      1. CBCS was only good when they started now they are just as expensive as CGC. I pay on average $15 a book at PGX. You can hate PGX all you want but you get the same thing for sometimes hundreds of dollars less. More money to spend for actual comics.

      2. If you are grading books to keep in your PC, PGX seems logical, despite their poor history and poor standing in the community. But if you are flippin said graded book, I think CGC is the only way to go. I prefer floppies but do have certain books graded, all CGC, to uphold their resell value if I ever decide to sell from my PC.

      3. In all my experiences with PGX I would say they undergrade every time I get a 9.6 back that looks perfect and should be a 9.8 I curse them. There two bad things that happened with PGX this 1st appearance of robin that was graded multiple times by PGX and came back different grades each time and one time with no restoration this was because one of the graders when they first started was grading his own books and reselling them he was terminated long ago and prob has the worst rep one could have in the comic biz. Second thing one grader got caught stealing a really expensive book slips my mind now what it was and they fired everyone but the owner. CGC I have seen 7 questionable graded books with extremely wonky high grades for VG-Fine copies like 9.0 one was written up here in the past at CHU a first appearance of Ironfist. CBCS is now done by Steve Grad who you’ve all seen on Pawn Stars. Guys super douchey and has had multiple fraud scandals.

      4. My friend had a really bad experience with Steve Grad paid like $600 to have his Signed Beatles cover framed and authenticated. They took his money chopped up the album cover for framing said they couldn’t verify one of the signatures but the others all authenticated so they wouldn’t write a authentication. Took his money and sent him back the cut up album cover.

    1. yeah…they e really gone downhill in TATs since the merger with Beckett and then the move to Dallas. No signs of recovery on the horizon….although they’ve been promising big amazing things to be coming #soon….

  2. I hit the millenary mark with my eBay stores feedback rating today. Now I have a red star instead of a purple star.

      1. Thank you, Alana. I dislike eBays fees, a lot, but there is no denying it is the premier selling platform…for now.

      1. Yeah, I’d be over the 1000 feedback mark if everyone left feedback, probably around 1500. I’m sitting at 705 currently.

      1. Thanks, Matt. Im starting to lose track of when I started flipping books to pay for my hobby, but CHU was a big part of any success I had. Especially early on. It has been about 2 years I think. I started serious flipping around the time Animosity #1 came out. Approx At the end of New 52 era and into Rebirth. I have found that a timely delivery evokes more positive feedback. I try to ship next day for all my orders.

      2. Jay that sounds similar to me, I’ve been back in the “game” for two years now, since new Star Wars #1 came out. I also try to ship fast, but you seem to have done a lot more volume than me..kudos, it can be a lot of work!

  3. Congrats man—having that many transactions with tons of sales AND keeping 100% is not that easy to do. Well done!

    1. 100% is my goal as well. I love when buyers send a note to tell me to “pack securely” and to write “do not bend” on the package. I kindly them to read the feedback I have already, it’s filled with.. “best packaging ever”….

      I guess I’d rather spend 5-10 extra minutes packing well than 30 minutes or most likely more of my time dealing with an unhappy buyer with returning a damaged book.

        1. Yeah they do.

          I keep telling Anthony I need to do a post on how to properly package comics. Maybe create a page so it’s static.

          I get some sellers on why they don’t spend the extra few minutes with better packing. If you’re a shop with a ton of orders you can relax a bit on time and resources spent on packing comics. You take that chance in copies getting damaged, you save money that way if 1 out of 100 get damaged and returned.

          Now for sellers like me, being a one man show, spending that extra 5 minutes a package pays off. That 5 minutes can likely save you hours of your time dealing with a grumpy unhappy customer.

      1. Very true Poyo. Before SDCC, I had some sales on that Monday and I forgot to write “do not bend” on One of the packages when I dropped it off at the post office the Monday after SDCC. BIG MISTAKE!!! The customer sent me pictures of how the package was bent. Darn that MailMan!!! I lost $20 on that one.

        1. I write do not bend on all my outgoing packages. And if it’s in a box that’t not going to get bent (you know, thicker than 3 or 4 inches), I write “do not drop or crush” all over.

          Most of my 700 feedback are sales and I’ve never had a comic come back damaged to date. I even ship media mail. I trust my packaging.

      2. I ship in the same comic cardboard shippers that I get comics in. I’ve never had a problem with a single book in a shipper receiving or sending it. A couple times big cardboard shippers with 15 books in it got damaged from midtown. I have probably 10 trash bags of comic shippers in my attic. I go up there every time I sell a book to get one shipper, I hate when I sell multiple books at different times of the day running up and down the attic all day. I never throw them out in case we ever have to sell everything all at once.

        1. I do the same, I reuse all cardboard mailers I get to use to ship and if I’m out, I have the perfect technique of using USPS flat rate envelopes and the free large rate boxes they give away as the cardboard to sandwich books with.

      3. I had a customer cut and paste a 3 page article on how to ship comics safely, and then sent it to me as a msg from the buyer. He was told to look at my feedback for any concerns about shipping. Why does a guy with 12 feedback feel he needs to tell the guy witj 1000 feedback, how to ship? People.

        1. Hey Jay, you need to make sure all comics are packed securely. Please make sure each comic is sandwiched between at least 2 pieces of cardboard with a 1 inch buffer space from the edge of the comic to the edge of the cardboard.

          Make sure the comics do not slide at all (that’s the primary key to comics getting damaged, when they can slide around) and write do not bend or fold on all packages, even the boxes that are more than 4 or 5 inches thick.


      4. I reuse any and all mailers that I receive too. I also recently had a stamp made up for my packages. I was so sick of writing ‘please, do not bend. Game changer, sorta.

  4. Those 100 page DC Walmart comics just started showing up in my area. I’ve picked up 2 of each, but I can’t find the Titans one. I’ve heard that one is the hardest to get. These will definitely be hard to find in high grade, good thing mine are.

    1. The containers say comics twice a month…but I have yet to see issue #2 of any of them. My local Walmart did get more copies, but no titans.

  5. Marvel Future Fight finally gets Deadpool today. It’s kinda a big deal because Future Fight started in the beginning of the Fox Disney feud and forever only contained MCU characters no Fantastic Four or Mutants. They have had Mutants for 9 months now and finally Deadpool is here, This is because of the Disney Fox deal. It’s conformation there’s no more bs when it comes to reuniting the Marvel universe with the once Fox owned properties.

  6. I ordered:
    FF#1 Neal Adams Wraparound
    Detective Comics #986 Brooks variant
    Flash #52 cover B
    Catwoman #2 artgerm
    Sandman #1 Lee variant
    Spawn #288 mattina

    the FF #1 im looking out for is the Sienkiewicz variant

  7. Quiet Week

    Catwoman #2 Artgerm variant – Loving these and his one for #3 is an absolute beauty

    FF #1 – Ramos variant. I got put off with FF with all the covers but this was my fave. Will probably get the Forbidden Planet exclusive cover because there is a signing with Dan Slott and it’s Inhuyk Lee cover which looks sweet

    Talking of signings I’ve delayed picking up Sandman Universe#1 cos next month Forbidden Planet are doing a signing with Si Spurrier for this and The Dreaming #1

    1. Ordered those exact same comics as you listed above, but added Riptide, Black Badge, and Hot Lunch Special last night. Never know with these titles getting optioned these days.

  8. Picking up:
    SIP XXV 5
    Plastic Man 3
    Sandman Universe 1 Kieth & Lee covers
    Unnatural 1 2nd
    Unnatural 2
    Invader Zim 33

    Picked up:
    A Study in Emerald HC GN: I went to a release event last week with Rafael Albuquerque signing

  9. Two shops had zero Blastosaurus and Nora. Just none to be found in my area.

    I did however nab the Black Badge Lemire Virgin variant for cover. While everyone was scrambling over FF #1 variants, I swooped up Black Badge without any problems. 🙂

    1. I found Norah #1 in one shop in my area, but no Riptide for me. I picked up one FF book, the Artgerm Sue cover. Ill give it a read, but Im goung in with low expectations. I have no interest in the FF or Slott.

      1. Oh yeah, didn’t see Riptide either at my shops.

        I passed over FF. I pretty much had my shot at any of the covers up to the 1:50 Ross variant but didn’t even bother. I let someone else grab the Ross, I would have just sold it anyways but rather let someone who’s gonna cherish it have a shot at it for cover price.

  10. Ok so somewhat if a larger post this week. I guess I could do multiples, but what’s the point? Ok, here goes!

    I’ll start with the bigger news. My wife and I had a 3D ultrasound done and were able to have the sex of our baby determined. We are having a boy!! So excited, a boy was my preference!
    Here he is:

    Next, finally got around to some hanging (of posters and stuff, not myself or anyone else), both in my basement and my garage. So here ya go:

    Lol, the Spider-Man one is low because it’s been up the longest. When I hung it last summer, I didn’t have a ladder at the time. I do plan on moving it up. Wolverine is low because the original garage door opener button was in the way, but has since been replaced and moved. So it’s moving up too.

    Finally, this week I got:

    Bloodshot Salvation #12
    Catwoman #2 – Variant
    Detective Comics #986 – Variant
    Farmhand #2
    Oblivion Song #6
    Relay #2
    Spider-Man/Deadpool #37
    Darth Vader #19
    Supergirl #21
    Superman #2 – Hughes Variant
    Amazing Spider-Man #3
    Renew Your Vows #22
    Flash – Variant
    Murder Falcon Ashcan

      1. Thanks Tony! I would have been excited and happy either way, but this way I’m just a little more excited and happy.

        1. I wanted girls. Wanted daddy’s girls. Ended up with boys that I am very active with. I got daddy’s boys. Now I am playing sports and games with the kids. Don’t want to say that wouldn’t have happened if I had girls but happy with the way it ended up.

      2. @Brennan. Well, First off, congrats. Second, Lets hope that your second child is not a girl, and if it is, lets hope she doesn’t find the post about how Dad was more happy with the boy. Heres to hoping you have a healthy child, no matter the gender, and mother, after all is said and done.

  11. Pick ups for the week:
    Darth Vader
    Wonder Woman (Frison)
    Death #4 Robinson cvr art (really like this story)
    Black Badge #1 (Lemire 1:20 for cover price)

    Only 5 books this week, couldn’t believe it.

    No spec pick ups this week either…

    Good hunting everyone.

  12. Anyone else’s shops handing out free Fantastic Four pins? Figured I’d find these on eBay but none listed. They’re about 1 1/2″ x 2″ in size.

    And yes, I love selling the free stuff. I like the 100% profit. 🙂

  13. will get to the store between Friday and Monday. going to pick up catwoman cover b as a many flash #52 both covr covers as possible. with 52 different flashes aro8und I would pick up batman the red death #1 again. about to start buying as many copies of the flash t.v. special as possible if any needs a double signed john whestley shipps&amada payse copy email me as I will have copies of that after October 31st. same with jill st. jone and the wangers . also might pick up the frankies venom #5 as well as hal Jordon #50 and the f.f. #1 I feel sets of the artgerm will do well and I have an idea for the blank but can’t talk b about it family friendally this site be love you guys blind adam out

  14. Writing “do not bend” is often useless. Much of the post office is mechanized automation which cannot read. Besides, postal workers have a duty to work fast and careful handling isn’t a job requirement. So bending isn’t 100% their fault since the mailer is responsible for proper packing to withstand punishment by the post office..

    1. If writing ‘do not bend’ on your parcels stops one mail person from not cramming one parcel into a mail slot it should not go in, then it is not useless. Any precaution made to ensure the safety of your package is never useless. And Ive yet to see a robot driving a mail truck or delivering mail in a neighbourhood. Im not so sure that the mail system is as automated as you may think, Stanley. And lastly, Im pretty sure mail carriers are instructed to be as careful as they can while working at any given pace. There has to be some pride taken by our mail people as well as consequences if every package on your route is destroyed. I understand the mail system is rough, but you make it out, Stanley, like they are animals who take no pride in what they do. I certainly wouldnt want a mind set like that, working for me.

      1. I’ve talked to the people at USPS about this, and if you don’t package the book correctly (say throw it in an envelope with minimum support/backing), it doesn’t matter what you write on the front of the envelope. They do their best, but flimsy packages are going to get bent/crushed/etc. The employees know how to read and do their best, but they can only control so much of it. I tend to reuse the mailers, and the one guy I know at the post office appreciates when the books are packaged like this, since it is far less likely to get bent or damaged. (I wish my weekend mail delivery person would read this. They have a bad habit of cramming oversized packages in the mailbox. Damn near impossible to remove them some days.)

    2. I disagree about the “do not bend” being written on packages. I’ve had packages clearly bent to make fit into my own mailbox at delivery time and by a human, not the automated routing machines. I had my own postman bend gemini cardboard mailers with relative ease to make fit as well.

      Yes, pack securely to protect against the machines but writing “do not bend” tells the postal workers to not bend. I just go the extra mile to make sure my packages are not bendable by most puny humans and I still write “do not bend, throw or crush” on the packages.

  15. I’m a little late this week. Picked up:
    Catwoman #2 B Cover
    Amazing Spider-Man #3
    Old Man Logan #45

    However, the good news for the week came from CGC. My books are on their way back and I’m super happy.
    Eternals #1 – 9.8
    Eternals #2 – 9.8
    Eternals #3 – 9.6
    Marvel Secret Wars #8 – 9.8
    Amazing Spider-Man 360 x 2 – 9.8 and 9.6
    Amazing Spider-Man #36 (Black Cover) – 9.8
    Venom Lethal Protector #1 – 9.6
    Venom Lethal Protector #4 – 9.8
    Venom Lethal Protector $5 – 9.8
    Mister Miracle #1 (2017) x 2 – Both 9.8
    Uncanny X-Men #221 – 9.8
    Weapon H #1 (All 3 Crain Variants) – All 9.8
    All-New Wolverine #2 x 2- Both 9.8
    Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #28 – 9.8

    I’ll sell some. Others are for the PC. Hoping to use the profits to grab a Mister Miracle #1 (1971) or a nice ASM 300.

    Thanks for reading.

  16. Picked up three weeks worth of pulls tonight. Notable whiffs would be Teen Titans #20 and a couple of nice DC B covers. The list:

    Action Comics #1001 (Cover C David Mack)
    Aquaman #38 (Cover B Joshua Middleton)
    Batman Beyond #22 (Cover B Dave Johnson)
    Detective Comics #985 (Cover A Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira)
    Doomsday Clock #6 (Of 12)(Cover A Gary Frank)
    Doomsday Clock #6 (Of 12)(Cover B Gary Frank)
    Flash #51 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)
    Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #49 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham)
    Justice League Dark #1 (Cover B Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion)
    Silencer #7
    Terrifics #6
    Gasolina #10
    Moonshine #12 (Cover A Eduardo Risso)
    Redneck #13
    Saga #54
    Shanghai Red #2 (Cover A Josh Hixson & Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou)
    Star Wars Doctor Aphra #22 (Cover A Ashley Witter)
    Star Wars Lando Double Or Nothing #3 (Of 5)(Cover A W. Scott Forbes)
    True Believers Fantastic Four The Birth Of Valeria #1
    True Believers Fantastic Four Vs The New Fantastic Four #1
    True Believers Fantastic Four What If? #1
    Venom #4
    Adventures Of The Super Sons #1 (Of 12)(Cover B Jorge Jimenez)
    Batman #52 (Cover B Kaare Andrews)
    Curse Of Brimstone #5
    DC Nation #3
    Deathstroke #34 (Cover B Francesco Mattina)
    Green Arrow #43 (Cover B Kaare Andrews)
    Green Lanterns #52 (Cover B Chris Stevens)
    Harley Quinn #47 (Cover B Frank Cho)
    Injustice 2 #31
    Justice League #5 (Cover B Jim Lee & Scott Williams)
    Mister Miracle #10 (Of 12)(Cover A Nick Derington)
    Mister Miracle #10 (Of 12)(Cover B Mitch Gerads)
    Nightwing #47 (Cover A)
    Unexpected #3
    Last Siege #3 (Of 8)(Cover A Justin Greenwood)
    Leviathan #1 (Cover A Nick Pittara & Michael Garland)
    Paradiso #6 (Cover A Dev Pramanik & Alba Cardona)
    Seven To Eternity #10 (Cover A Jerome Opena & Matt Hollingsworth)
    Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (Of 5)(Cover A Geoff Shaw)
    Infinity Wars #1 (Of 6)(Cover A Mike Deodato Jr.)
    Star Wars #52 (Cover A David Marquez)
    Star Wars The Last Jedi Adaptation #5 (Of 6)(Cover A Paolo Rivera)
    Catwoman #2 (Cover B Stanley Artgerm Lau)
    Detective Comics #986 (Cover A Eduardo Pansica & Julio Ferreira)
    Detective Comics #986 (Cover B Mark Brooks)
    Flash #52 (Cover B Gabriele Dell’Otto)
    Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #50 (Cover B Tyler Kirkham)
    Hawkman #3 (Cover B Stejpan Sejic)
    Immortal Men #5
    Red Hood And The Outlaws #25 (Cover B Yasmine Putri)
    Sandman Universe #1 (Cover A Jae Lee)
    Sandman Universe #1 (Cover C Jim Lee)
    Sandman Universe #1 (Cover E)
    Sideways #7
    Suicide Squad #45 (Cover B Emanuela Lupacchino)
    Superman #2 (Cover B Adam Hughes)
    Titans #24 (Cover B Emanuela Lupacchino)
    Dead Hand #5
    Death Or Glory #4 (Cover A Bengal)
    Dissonance #4
    Hey Kids Comics #1
    Maestros #7
    Oblivion Song By Kirkman And De Felici #6
    Fantastic Four #1 (Cover A Esad Ribic)
    Star Wars Darth Vader #19 (Cover A Giuseppe Camuncoli & Elia Bonetti)

  17. what happened to top twenty hidden gems?? that blind adam kid. he made me the money. he also made me laugh. his pimp hand of doom is #awesomesauce. did tony lock him a basement? is he at the ranch of bunnies? did matt hardey deleate delate delate him? is he at a pizza hut stuffing his phatt face with breadsticks bring back top twenty hidden gems love ya all blind adam out

  18. For those that are interested, the next two DC/Walmart 100-pagers are out – JLA #2 and Superman #2. I think the other two titles come out a little later in the month.

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