Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 84

Greetings my Comics Heating Up and awesomesuce families. Thank you all for reading this each had every week. Thank you all for the friendship, advice, and support. Thank you for being the greatest blessing in my life. Before we make some money it some comics,  allow me to reflect on a few things: Batman #52, Venom #3 and #4, Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 (Jugggerduck is #awesomesauce) were my reads of the week. I started the X-Files season eleven and am enjoying it. Mr. Pickles is a weird cartoon. Juggerduck needs cosplay love and he needs it now. Now let’s make some money with some comics
cause you can’t teach that.

1. Uncanny X-Men #183 – just watched Deadpool 2. Loved it. One of the best movies of the year. Deadpool vs the Juggernaut. Deadpool mentions this bar fight between Kane and Peter which picks up after Amazing Spiderman #229 and #230 $10

2. X-Men Unlimited #12 – why did this comic not get a price bump? Mentioned by Deadpool in the Deadpool 2 movie. Features the Juggernaut and is a part of the Onslaught storyline $2-10

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #59 and #60 – classic blind sight issues. For a kid’s comic this stuff is dark. Waterboarding Michelangelo, getting his eyes plucked out, beaten with a crowbar by the government. Later part of this run and issues from #60-72 fetch nice money $10 and up

4. Shazam the Monster Society of Evil slipcase – 1989 edition DC entertainment is not reprinting the hardcover deluxe edition of this. Captain Marvel adventures s#22-46 came out in the golden age. Yes the golden age was from 1938-1945 or so. Yes in comics, as was  in that time, racism happened. So, what was going on in 1940’s America was in comics. You can buy this limited hardcover,  however it is not a cheap slipcase, as it goes for $300-600 on eBay. Maybe cheaper to buy low grade of the original Captain Marvel Adventures.

5. Alf #50 – So Alf is getting a new show. Dear Netflix, make it R rated. Let Alf eat a cat. This is the final issue of the classic Alf comic, surprised it ran for #50 issues. Yes Alf #48 is a classic cover but my next pick is also a great cover. $5-20

6. Alf #15 – Alf with a cat cover. OK I don’t like cats. So sue me, it ain’t a crime to not like cats. Eating cats is a big part of Alf, just always liked this cover $5-20

7. House of Mystery #300 – wow Todd McFarlane wrote a series of fan letters. His first was in Superman #366. He also letters in DC horror comics as well. This is one of them. Todd was a big fan of DC and even mentions his “not to happen” baseball career in one of them. Early “McFarlane pre-art” is what I am calling this. Plus it is House of Mystery #300 $10 and up

8. Tiny Titans #17 – Bat-Cow, why do the damn super pets need a movie? Batcow is #awesomesauce, this issue features him, nuff said

9. Doctor Strange #182 – Dr. Strange vs the Juggernaut. Donny cates has pulled from all places in Marvel history. Prices for Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme #44 are crazy sauce. Well this is the first time the good doctor fights the unstoppable one so find the grade you can afford and enjoy $5 and up

10. Dark Horse Presents Volume 2 #24 – thanks goes out to my boy Topher S.  This is the first published work of Donny Cates. Donny cates, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Thanos, Venom, Redneck, God Country, awesome. $5-10

11. X-force #2, #3, #4, #5 and Spiderman #16 (1990) – This story has a lot going for it. First off final Todd Macfarlane Spiderman art and story in Spiderman #16, #16 also has the sideways world trade center cover. X-force s#2 features the second Deadpool appearance, and the takeover of the World Trade Center. What is weird is #3 predicts the bombing of the World Trade Center two years before it happened in 1993.

12. Marvel Team Up #150 – This has it all, final issue of the original Spiderman team up series. An X-Men appearance. It was adapted into an episode of the X-Men animated series. Black Tom gets the powers of the Cyttorak gem for his birthday, wow Kane Marko is a decent friend after all. The gem is launched into space, just love this book $5-10

13. The Power of Shazam #4 – first Mary Marvel as Shazam. All Shazam major and mirror keys should be bought up now. Mary becomes Shazam in this issue $5-10

14. Avengers Annual #7 – first death of Thanos. With the current cosmic Marvel landscape and story I wanted to point out the first death of Thanos the Mad Titan $10 and up

15. 52 #48 – first new Question. Renee Montoya becomes the Question. Batwoman gets stabbed. In dollar boxes or in sets. My advice if you see cheap sets of the weekly 52 series. Pick em up

16. DC Infinite Holiday Special #1 – shows Kate Kane Batwoman being Jewish for the first time. The CW show will showcase Kate being a gay Jewish woman. It is the CW so it will be in the show. Trust me bro, this is a fun cheap book $5-10

17. Happy Days #1 – Classic Whitman/Gold Key series. Hey, the Fonz in his own comic book? Well here is issue number one. I saw a 9.8 signed by the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler, going for a cool grand. So grab the best copies go find where the Fonz is signing and make that paper. $20 and up

18. Suicide Squad #38 – Barbara revealed to be Oracle, everyone is chasing Suicide Squad #23. And with two Joker movies and Birds of Prey, and Killing Joke is a triple digit book, this is a sweet investment $5-15

Well, that is it for this week. Have a blessed week. See you all at Terrificon in Connecticut coming up. Got to run
Blind Adam out.

23 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 84”

  1. Anyone think any truth to the rumors Dr. Doom cameo in next Avengers movie possibly and maybe even as far as getting the gauntlet and bringing us into the next phase of films with Dr Doom and Galactus.

    1. I have this feeling Tony Stark dies. He plays big part of saving Universe but since Doctor Strange claims Stark played part in only scenario he saw that they win, he sacrifices himself for them to win.

      1. Dr Doom and F4 are in the microverse/Quantam realm with Antman ?. During one of the Fantastic Four’s early battles with Dr. Doom, Doom was exposed to a shrink ray and seemingly shrank out of sight. In reality, Doom was transported into the Microverse where he appeared in the star-system of Sub-Atomica. There he conquered the world of Mirwood and used shrink rays to get revenge against the Fantastic Four. When the FF followed him to the Microverse Doom captured the quartet.The Fantastic Four were rescued by the size-changing hero Ant-Man and they crushed Doom’s empire forcing Doom to flee back to Earth, and the heroes followed quickly after him.

      2. Adapting that storyline to the MCU would allow them to introduce Doom and F4 with no needed origin and explain where they have been during the last ten years of movies.

      3. No Micronauts, I don’t think Marvel owns the rights. This is why they called the Microverse the Quantam Realm in the movies.

  2. thank you all for reading . I will be at terrifcon,n.y.c.c.&maybe Baltimore. I will even be at a small show in wayne n.j. we can shake hands and eat pizza . I am now going to watch that old school f4 cartoon with dr. doom in the microverse . need to see what issue that is . love you all blind adam out

    1. Wayne NJ?!? I used to live a few cities over when growing up. Vernon Valley. Home to the infamous Action Park! Wayne is a very nice place…at least I think it is. Been a while since I have visited.

    2. Do you have a table set up at terrificon? May find my way there…I live 15 minutes down the road…ironically I’ve never been to a comic con before.

  3. What happened in your life, BA, that you do not like cats? There are a ton of great cats throughout history. Garfield, Sylvester, Tommy (the Cat), Tom ( & Jerry), Fritz, Felicia… cats are great animals. And like dogs, there are no bad cats.

  4. I would like to see the episode of Alf were he goes on an African Safari and tries to eat a jungle cat. It would have to be the series finale, as Alf would end up being dinner in that particular episode.

  5. Love your column, but wasn’t the first death of Thanos in Marvel 2-in-1 Annual 2? Avengers Annual 7 is the death of Adam Warlock.

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