New Comic Spec Review Video for August 15, 2018

Each week, Anthony from Comics Heating Up discusses the week’s hot new comics. Here is this week’s for delivery 8/15/18:

12 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for August 15, 2018”

  1. A book that noone seems to like except me is Tony Stark Iron Man 3 Adam Hughes variant. I love the cover and have a feeling it might be going under the radar and might not have been ordered heavily.

    1. My only issue with these types of covers is they haven’t done so well in the past, since they consist of art that have nothing to do with the actual title they’re on.

      It might not of been ordered heavily but I’m not counting on it being a big spec play either. Hughes has his fans but lately I’ve had a hard time unloading his work.

      1. I agree on it not having anything to do with the actual title. Though a good Hughes cover when it’s a hit will sell on its own. I’m a big fan of Hughes so it’s goin in the PC, especially after a few of his latest work have been lackluster I hope this is a return to form.

    1. I’d say tread lightly. The problem with this being optioned was is that they announced it prior to the final cutoff order, which gave shops and people with Diamond accounts to order more copies.

      1. That’s kind of what I was thinking. If it’s in universe, it’s kind of like dc’s own Jessica Jones, if not it’s basically an image title.

    1. I’ve looked into it a little and read that its creator owned so I wouldn’t expect appearances by mainstream DC characters. It looks like jinxworld is going to be similar to image. Maybe in the future If enough fans demand it the characters will cross into the DC verse like the ones from Americas best comics did recently.

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