Spoilers: Infinity Wars #2 Who Lives, Who Dies, and Who gets merged in muddy art?

Infinity Wars #2 is in store today. We mentioned earlier there is a Secret Unmasked Variant doing pretty well on eBay currently. The issue picks up after the death of Thanos. (Spoilers ahead so if you plan to read the issue and don’t want to see spoilers, do not proceed.) Click the spoiler warnings for the redacted pictures. 

When we last left off, we saw Peter Quill aka Starlord get run throw by Gamora’s sword. Looked pretty dead, unless she completely missed all vital organs.

But thankfully Dr. Strange was close by.

Ah yes, he did have the Time Stone, which he used to pull Adam Strange out of that pocket universe.

Except this time… Is this a death or were the two characters merged?

(Is this leading up to theInfinity Wars Soldier Supreme miniseries coming up?) But anyway, being tied up as Strange was, he couldn’t prevent this.

Getting the Thanos treatment.

But he has been dead before and got better.

9 thoughts on “Spoilers: Infinity Wars #2 Who Lives, Who Dies, and Who gets merged in muddy art?”

      1. Of course we did. We demanded their death and resurrection. Please Marvel, kill more characters off so we can get more #1 reboot titles… #1 issues rock!

  1. I am ambivalent about this series. I am kind of annoyed at the overuse of the Infinity Stones. We know they are powerful blah blah….I thought we were getting an Adam Warlock series. Creatively that would have been much better with like Mike Allred on art. Not this foolishness. Honestly the whole mash up thing doesn’t impress me. I wonder if they are throwing all these mash ups out to see which one becomes the next ‘Gwenpool’ or ‘SpiderGwen’? So basically at the end of the series, one of the mashups will survive and become a ‘new’ character and of course the next cosplay sensation. I bought the Prime issue when Thanos ‘died’ and I may just wait for a trade. Paying 3.99 to 4.99 a month twice a month is a bit much. (Que the hard times monologue from the American Dream Dusty Rhodes). My comics budget is getting reduced again. The 2x shipping and the gimmicks are too much. I may just stop buying new comics all together.

    1. I’m interested in reading the weapon hex one….whatever they’re calling the Laura Kinney/ Scarlet Witch mashup. …….but I feel like marvel has taken the novelty of what I like about the exiles series and injected it everywhere except I dont think it’s working and somehow the marvel universe is becoming really confusing to me. They play so fast and loose that alot of what they’re doing doesnt feel grounded. Especially the big event stuff. I’m invested in alot of characters and care about some of them having read them for so many years but I hate knowing in the back of my mind that every one of these characters is immortal and that I can remind myself of that as I’m reading. It ruins the story…like I have an internal spoiler alert for everything that marvel does…..except for cates….thank the comic book gods for him.

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