Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 85

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Well it is time to make some money with comics. But before we do, I wanted to say thank you, thank you for the love, support, advice, and for reading this each and every week. If you’re at Terrificon please look me up. I will be walking around or by the Batmobels. If anyone has costume making designing skills please email me at I need a costume made for NYCC. Going to cosplay as something special. The animated Marvel Rising is #awesomesauce. I loved it. Daredevil #606, Amazing Spiderman #3, Suicide Squad #45 , and Injustice #70, are my reads of the week. So, now it is time to make money with comics with a new Hidden Gems forma.. 

1. Mad Magazine #105 – credit goes out to my boy Topher S. Topher is the king of the first appearances. This is the first Adam West as Batman in comics. Yes, this  is a Mad Magazine however Mad Magazine can be comics right? Trying to find other appearances before the 2013 series $5 and up

2. Foom Magazine #17 – Stan Lee, congratulations on your retirement. Enjoy your life now sir, thank you for your creations and for the memories. This is a classic photo cover a better bet than Marvel Age #41 or any other Stan cover. Foom Magazines are tough in the
wild $50 and up

3. Spider Gwen #1 4 Color Grails Variant – wow, Spider Gwen or Spider Ghost is the heat of the Marvel Rising series on Disney XD. Between this show and Enter the Spiderverse, I believe anything Gwen Stacey or Spider Gwen will go up in price and demand, $20 and up

4. Deadpool GLA Summer Special #1 – Disney XD is #awesome sauce. Marvel Rising is great. A gateway drug for kids but the drug is comic books. Marvel Rising is the new Teen Titans Go, #testify. This Deadpool book features Squirrel Girl, a cosplay all-star, and the star of upcoming live action show. Disney owns movie rights to Deadpool now, they could use this in animation now $20-30

5. Secret Empire A Brave New World #2 – first new Patriot, the sidekick of Sam Wilson the Falcon the only male superhero in Marvel Rising, which is amazing. Can’t say more as this  but this book is cheap for now $5

6. Sam Wilson Captain America #18 – second appearance of the new Patriot. The story line is from 18-25. The Secret Empire was a fun ride. Stop player hating, Nick Spencer and his Spiderman is #awesomesauce $2-5

7. Secret War #2 – Yes, I mentioned back during SDCC coverage. Yes, this is the first Daisy “Quake” Johnson and I don’t understand something. Daisy “Quake” Johnson is on Marvel Rising, Agents of Shield, and is a cosplay all-star. All the girls on Marvel Rising are all-stars of cosplay (trademark pending) but this book is her first appearance and has been in the $20-25 range for years what up with that??

8. Young Avengers #1 Directors Cut– I miss the director’s cut variants. This is the first Young Avengers including Patriot and Kate Bishop and the rest of the bunch. Scott Lang’s daughter is in this group and rumored to be a big part of next year’s Avengers movie. Phase four might use the Young Avengers which would reek of awesomeness $10

9. Amazing Spiderman #374 – Venom-mania is running wild brother. In October, Venom-mania will take over the theater. This is one of the lead in issues to the Lethal Protector series ASM #375 introduces us to Eddie Brock’s ex-wife, the She-Venom, Sinner Takes All #3 for the first appearance of She-Venom, she needs more cosplay love. I need a Red Bull, and Venom needs to be a decent movie or the comics will be back in dollar boxes. This book is in dollar boxes $5 at the most.

10. Rune Vs Venom #1 – Back in the day, Marvel artists and writers left Marvel to form Image. Image was initially released by Malibu Comics. Image then struck out on their own leaving Malibu to have to form their own Superhero line. Rune was one of those characters. He is an ancient vampire that looks a lot like Knull. Marvel later bought out Malibu but never did anything with the characters after they folded the line. One of the books they did was Rune Vs. Venom. Venom gets bit by Rune and develops wings. A flying Symbiote. Kinda like what is going on in the current story-line. Donny Cates likes to reference old books. This would explode if it was referenced.

Well that is it for this week. Let me know if you like the new, more condensed format. Thank you all or being the greatest blessing in my life

Blind Adam out

15 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 85”

  1. I just listed my copy of Rune vs Venom. I did not connect those dots that BA pointed out. Perhaps I take and down and wait n see.

    1. Not gonna lie. I have a bad feeling too. Come on Disney, monopolize your franchises already. Sony can not be trusted.

    1. Actually, that’s just first appearance as Kate Bishop. I’m checking now when she was first in uniform which I think came a few issues later.

      1. Also seems like listing on eBay list #6 as her first appearance or first appearance as Hawkeye. Then I’ve seen issue #12 being advertised as her first appearance.

        Seems Issue #6 we see her drop the dress type for the spandex costume on the last page.

      2. Ah now I get it, Young Avengers #12 is when Spider-Woman refers to Kate Bishop as just Hawkeye after the real Avengers go into battle with most of the Young Avengers backing them up. Here’s the screenshot:

        And then later on the book Cap apparently gives Kate Clint’s old arrows and such, referring to her as Hawkeye. Then the others start calling her by that name. So #12 would be first named “Hawkeye” appearance but her first costume appearance would be #4 but then it’s changed in issue #6 to what we’re use to today.

  2. Agentpoyo, thanks for that info. Kate is one of my Fave characters but I couldn’t remember how she appeared in #1. In issues #4 she just raided the Avengers mansion for an outfit. Not sure how everyone would rate that appearance.

    1. No problem. Having an Marvel Unlimited account helps in these situations. I was curious myself as I never read up on her first appearance(s).

      But yeah, definitely first appearance is Young Avengers #1 as Kate Bishop, I’m guessing her first appearance in actual Hawkeye costume is #6. First named or called Hawkeye is issue #12. If I were to seek out her first appearance though, I would definitely start with #1.

  3. I bought Young Avengers #1 off the stands when it cam out way back when…. The only copies of #1 I can still find that were under $10 is the directors cut…so I picked it up. Seems like there are some characters in that series to keep an eye on.

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