Obliv18n #1 Secret Variant available on Scout Store

Obliv18n #1 is out tomorrow from Scout Comics. It is the new series by Ken Kristensen. Ken is the writer of the cult hit, Todd The Ugliest Kid. Ken also works in TV. This is what really interests me on this book. Scout is a company actively pursuing options for their properties. Some of them have been announced, a few coming soon, one this weekend possibly. Anyway, Ken is a television writer known for Punisher on Netflix, as well as, Happy! on SyFy. His new book hits stores tomorrow.

The book will have a regular cover as well as the 1:10 retailers exclusive variant. (The 1:10 is also available at the Scout Store.) The 1:10 is shown below.

The third cover on the book is a previously unannounced Scout Webstore Exclusive.  It is limited to 150 copies.


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  1. D-Rog says:

    If they are retailer incentives or exclusive store variants, I don’t believe they are “secret” variants.

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