Spoilers: Venom #5, New Powers and Surprises

Venom #5 is out in stores tomorrow. Donny Cates has been ramping up the heat on the series. Lot’s of surprises have been unveiled in the series and this issue is no different. Venom shows off some new powers. Not only that, but we get some back story on the mystery character first introduced in issue #1. The spoiled images are redacted. The accompanying text is not. Click on the spoiler warnings to see the spoiled images. 

First up, the big one.

Of course we saw the Grendel/Dragon Symbiote fly, and they are not even the first flying symbiote, we mentioned the first flying/winged symbiote was in Rune Vs Venom #1.

We get a preview of another power Venom now has.

Venom goes to visit Rex Strickland. The man who knew so much about the symbioses from the first issue. Venom has an interesting greeting for him.

And we get some back story about Rex

And even more back story on him

And just like Knull can do. Venom can now…..

absorb other Symbiotes.

22 thoughts on “Spoilers: Venom #5, New Powers and Surprises”

  1. I know you all love Donny Cates but I feel every new character, every new power, every new mash up he writes is an assault on Marvel continuity.

    1. I agree. This isn’t Venom at all. He’s changing everything. There was no need to tie Venom into all this other nonsense. It waters down the character and makes him less significant. It’s better than Flash Thompson Venom but this isn’t the real Venom from the 90s.

      1. Life is nothing but change. Are you still the same person you were in the 90s? Or have you grown, met new people, learned new skills? I understand Cates is making some executive decisions with the character, but at least he is trying to incorporate some connection to past Marvel stories.

      2. That’s a tough one. Sure. It is not lethal protector, but at the same time it is not Space Venom cruising around with the Guardian of the Galaxy. It’s funny because In that run the home world was shown as almost some kind of paradise. Also not nearly as bad as the last series with venom the Lee Price, which didn’t last long. Or Mac Gargan. Or Angelo Fortuna. Or Superior Venom with Doc Ock as venom. Really, there has been a lot of silliness with the character.

    2. Marvel has been assaulting it’s own continuity for quite some time now. Have you been paying attention? Changes like this are not new to the Marvel Universe. Continuity is fluid in Marvel. They don’t need a crisis every couple of years to change things. They just do it and could care less if you like it or not. Skrulls are a great way to eliminate crappy stories and weird behavior. Having Mephisto manipulate reality to eliminate your marriage is another one too but I digress… This is probably the most interesting Venom has been for quite some time… Donny Cates is a great storyteller. In this age of cover art obsession and ‘spec’ flipping, we need good storytelling coupled with good art. I am enjoying Venom for the first time in a very very long time. Writers like Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Donny Cates, and Nick Spencer (I forgave him for Secret Empire) keep me reading Marvel right now. I was ready to throw in the towel on Marvel a long time ago but writing keeps them on my pull list. I despise how they are handling Wolverine’s return by the way but again, I digress….

      1. I never thought I would buy a venom book other an ASM 300 & 316, but when I saw Cates was the lead I knew it would be worth a try. Same with cosmic ghost rider.

    3. Gotta agree a little with everyone on this one. One of those “I see both sides” kind of things…All I can say is never fear, these days complete re-boots are always right around the corner regardless if you like whats going on or not.

    4. Some bother me, others not so much. At least with this Venom story he didn’t introduce Frank Castle as the original Symbiote God.

      What I am not liking is all the damn Venom titles coming out now. Can’t we just stick it to one title? Do we really need VeNAM and First Host.. I know they’re trying to capitalize on the new movie coming out but come on..

        1. Ssshh.. I gave him all his Venom ideas.. every time he signs in Austin (which seems like it’s every other week), I feed him all my great ideas and tell him to not steal them, but yet he does. 🙂

  2. I for one, really liked agent Venom.
    Thought it was an original way to get Flash’s character more meat to the bone.

    The premise was cool as well.

  3. I’m I crazy or does it feel like Miles is going to get his own symbiote. I have a feeling Rex Strickland is going to attach to Miles next.

    1. Found only one copy…and fortunately it’s a 9.6 or better. Didn’t want to be running around half the afternoon flipping through damaged copies. Marvel or diamond don’t care what condition they arrive in at the shops…that’s clear with all the problems the shop variants are having is past year. For $3.99 a book I’d expect better quality control. Otherwise go back to newsprint!

      1. Those online shops are lying to you when they say there shipments were damaged. Its an excuse they give, seemingly every time, in order to give them more time to pick out the better issues and have them sent to CGC, in order to fill the 9.8 precorders. Imo. Next time ask them for proof of the damages to the entire shipment. Youll be ignored or given a lame run around.

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