First Ever Star Wars Wrap Around JTC Cover – Pre-Sale Starts Today

For all you JTC fans, the time has come for the first ever John Tyler Christopher Star Wars Action Figure Variant Wrap Around.

Jabba The Hut is huge, so he can’t fit on a single page. So lo and behold, pre-sales start today in a few hours for Star Wars #51 Jabba The Hut Wrap Around variant from John Tyler Christopher.

If you’re an existing customer of JTC, you can pre-order your copy today starting at 6:00PM EDT. For all others I believe general public sales start tomorrow.

If you ask me, I think this is an awesome action figure cover and I’ve been waiting for this as I’m still collecting the Star Wars action figure covers since issue #1. I’ve also never had any issues flipping these books for a nice profit. I’ve bought two copies, flipped one that covered the cost of both covers.

Check out John’s site at for more information.

10 thoughts on “First Ever Star Wars Wrap Around JTC Cover – Pre-Sale Starts Today”

  1. What are the odds he has already pre-sold or promised 90% of his stock to dealers already…Where those dealers already have them up for pre-sale at around double the website price…A big pass for me. JTC’s business practices suck.

    1. I think ever since that initial JTC exclusive variant he did where it seemed like no one was able to get a copy and most ended up what appeared in dealers online hands, it’s been pretty smooth sailing since then. I’ve never had issues ordering or getting my copies.

      1. Yeah, I know. A lot of people obvious like the covers and at first I was very enthused as well…After the first time trying to get one of his website exclusives and failing not two minutes after the book was put up for sale because it sold out so fast I was like That sucks”…After seeing dozens and dozens for sale on dealer sites and established dealers on Ebay I was a bit miffed….The second time that happened I was like “never again”. If it has changed for the better that is good, but still seeing dealers that have dozens for sale even before the book goes live just makes me go “meh” to it all.

        1. Well, JTC doesn’t limit orders so I think some are listing what they plan to buy. Anyone who buys off eBay for a marked up premium price before buying off the source, they sort of deserve to pay at a premium.

          But I agree about the initial JTC exclusive, seemed sort of shady how it all went down, I wasn’t even able to get one. By the time i had a chance, they were all sold out.

    1. I bought 2 myself. Suprisingly these can be easy to sell later at profit. I once got two that came damaged (by USPS). JTC sent replacements and said to keep damaged ones. I sold the damaged ones for $20 and $22 each from what I recall. So even damaged books and listed as damaged I basically got my books for free. 🙂

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