Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of August 29th, 2018

Another week of what’s really grinding my gears in the world of Poyo.

You wanna know what really grinds my gears this week and last week….

5th Wednesdays of the Month

They really do put a damper on us comic book nerds. This week marks the 5th Wednesday and from the looks of things, might not even be worthy of a trip to the local shops this week.

Ronan the Accuser

Lee Pace was promoting the new Captain Marvel film while on vacation. Not sure about the rest of you all but I really enjoy Lee Pace acting.

He was great in the show Halt and Catch Fire. So bringing him back as Ronan in the upcoming Captain Marvel film will be interesting and I welcome him back as his Marvel villain role was short lived in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Surprisingly you can still get Ronan’s first appearance in Fantastic Four #65 for pretty cheap. It’s still within reach of most people’s budgets I’d imagine.

I’m really looking forward to the new Captain Marvel movie. I don’t really read any of the comics, I do like Brie Lawson.

Marvel Mash Ups 

Anyone else read about the new mash up characters spinning out of Infinity Wars into the Infinity Warps announcements? The announced mash-ups include Iron Hammer, Weapon Hex, Arachknight, Ghost Panther, Green Widow, Mister Invisible, Hot Rocks and wait for it…    wait for it….    Moon Squirrel and Tippysaur.

I’m so tired of mash up characters from Marvel. It truly goes to show they’re lacking in creative ideas.

This has got to be the dumbest idea ever. Like Forrest Gump would say, “That’s all I got to say about that!”

Inky Pen for Nintendo Switch

Some of you might not like this idea since I know most readers prefer to read their comics the old fashion way but Inky Pen is bringing forth a monthly subscription based comic reading platform to the Nintendo Switch that they promise will start off with thousands of comics from publishers such as Valiant, IDW and Dynamite Entertainment among the bigger independent publishers.

No word yet on whether DC or Marvel will jump on board but if Inky Pen is successful, we could see more and more publishers jump on board or the likes of Comixology bring their online digital comics to work on the Nintendo Switch. Even they could follow Comixology and port their own apps to Nintendo Switch.

Now I know, most of you are like..  but it’s digital. You like physical floppies because digital books carry zero value. I get ya, I really do. However, for $8 a month, it could be a good way to check out books you might not bother picking up at the local shops to give them a chance. For all it’s worth, sometimes such platforms can help push sales of the physical books.

I don’t own a Nintendo Switch myself but I do enjoy reading my Marvel books on my digital devices. Either by redemption codes or with my Marvel Unlimited app (which has proved to be worthy just from researching older books).

So for all you comic book readers who care more about reading over collecting, flipping and owning physical copies who happen to own a Switch, looks like this might be a cool way for you to read comics and check out new comics for a really low month price. $8 for thousands of books at your fingertips is pretty nice considering $8 today will buy you 2 physical books and perhaps a book and a half if it’s a super special Marvel book that carries the $5.99 price tag they love to throw out there at least once a month.

That’s all I got this week for the most part. So let me know what your liking or disliking this week in the comments below.

17 thoughts on “Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of August 29th, 2018”

  1. Any new platform that exposes comic books to the masses is a good thing. If any new, young reader enjoys this new platform, there is always the chance that that young reader may someday become a collector like us. I wish I had two more hands so I could give this idea four thumbs up.

      1. Youngsters are the new lifeblood of this business .. there is not a week that goes by that a few parents don’t bring in a child, usually around 10-12, looking into reading comics .. I always give them a few on the house as well that I think they will like .. and, I stress the use of actual Paper over digital content ..

        On Mash-ups .. I always thought Amalgam was a great idea and I’d like to see Marvel & DC give it another round ..

  2. You can read every comic ever including new releases day of for absolutely free at readcomiconline . org why pay $8 a month?

    1. Should be everyone’s #1 comic collecting tool for checking 1st appearances instead of just trusting random people’s words on the internet.

    2. Interesting…. I doubt posting full comics like they are falls under the fair use clause of copyright laws. Surprised they havent been shut down yet. Go read fair use clause and definitions.

      1. Also, one should note this is operated out of Vietnam, at least according to a whois lookup and he’s hiding behind cloudflare to mask his IP of where he’s hosting it. I don’t like that.. they need to re-read the fair use copyright clause. Most judges in most cases ruled that only snippets or small portions are protected. Posting the entire book is not fair use on copyrighted material. I’d steer clear of this site.

    1. Im going to the show and am going to get a bunch. The plan is to flip them and use my profits to buy a real Tec880. I can get a CGC SS Jock signature too. Ill have to see how pricey that is.

  3. People “read” comics?!?! Honestly though, that is a good thing. Anything to attract fresh blood. Also reading your statement out loud to myself that $8 will only get you two books kind of hurts my soul. Be better off saving your money for a few weeks and buying a few minor keys! Also the mash ups are . . . Arachknight and Iron Hammer are about as far down that rabbithole I’d go, is all I’ll say.

  4. I like Mash-ups. It’s a fantastic idea that had been done for years. Just imagine if The Joker became Batman or if Spider-Man became Iron Man. Better yet what if Punisher became the Spirit of Vengeance. If we didn’t buy these comics they wouldn’t keep doing it. I don’t understand dedicating the entire month of November to Mash-up titles, but it is our fault as consumers who purchased these books in the first place.
    What are your Favorite/worst mash-ups?
    The worst successful mash-up was Weapon-H for me. He just looks like Hulk with claws and that just lazy.

    1. Honestly the whole Punisher as War machine made tooonnnnsss of sense. That was a long time coming without even being concerned about it. When they did it, I was like “oh? ye that could work.” The Red Goblin craze was a huge letdown. Not even for the ridiculous print runs. It started out ok, it just ended abruptly and not very good. Cosmic Ghost Rider shouldn’t have been Frank Castle. Cool concept but no, sorry. If he’s cosmic should have been one of the several Cosmic characters in the Marvel universe. I like the DC duo books this week, but I’m a sucker for looney tunes so.

      1. SpiderGwen and Gwenpool work for me because they are from different Marvel universes, and use a different color scheme than almost any other in comics the pink/white. Technically Gwendolyn Poole isn’t a mash up at all but a whole new separate character as she is not Gwen Stacy or Deadpool just the similar uni and name. Marvel could of just stopped it right there and gone on to create new characters in the future, but since the success of the Gwens they have choose to do nothing but mashups. When they do new characters like challenger and voyager they don’t do anything with em and the spec for those quickly died out.

      2. Even Gwenom for me! That art styling they did with her is future stuff. And actually leading up to her becoming that was pretty solid reading wise.

        DC side, what they did with the Metal series is so incredibly underrated. Those characters were soooooo solid but for whatever reason they never really ran with any of them. Spec wise the Red Death and Who Laughs did well but honestly, all those characters were great imo.

      3. All new characters are definitely a whole lot better than the mashups, but we never get anything great. Voyager was horrible to me because of her origin story.

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