Edge of Spider-geddon #2 Gives Us Mech-Venom

Thanks to our friends over at The Comic Regime, also on Facebook as Comic Collecting News, for sharing this one. Edge of Spider-Geddon #2 is in stores today and features a new version of Venom.

With the movie coming out soon, and all things Venom (and Spider-Man for that matter) being hot lately a new incarnation of Venom is worth looking out for.

43 thoughts on “Edge of Spider-geddon #2 Gives Us Mech-Venom”

  1. Cracking up watching same person buy all the b covers because of one listing saying it’s an incentive variant, which it isn’t.

    1. What are you typing in your search bar Alana? Im having trouble finding sales of this using ‘edge of spidergeddon #2’ as my search keys on feebay.

  2. Oh and FYI, my shops had stack loads of these. I’m betting shops were anticipating another Spider-Gwen surprise type character so if any of these heat up, I’d be real surprised.

    1. I picked up a copy.. then I put it back. I’d rather lose out than buy a book that ends up at Half Price for nickels..

      1. Yeah, it certainly could… These may just sit, but when I don’t get novelties like this they always get huge…On the flip side, when I do fall for the hype, that’s when they do nothing. At least I didn’t go nuts

        1. Yeah, I’ve been caught in the hype and bought books at a higher price only to see them drop quickly. So that’s why I’d rather lose out entirely than potentially lose even more.

  3. wow more venom . I am having a venom o.d. I love venom but dear marvel remember when Deadpool had eight titels and was on every cover did you learn a thing from that or wolverine or the punisher or whatever concept you wanted to hoe out ?? yes I said it will do a entire podcast on it tommrow love you all blind adam out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbMJjQBbjDc&t=5s

    1. Did you check out this months marvel previews with the 20or so variants for the upcoming uncanny x-men #1relaunch?

      Is marvel the problem, or the consumer? Don’t buy it if you don’t like it.

      1. You bring up a good point D-rog. But I truly think it’s a mix of both the publisher and consumer. But ultimately if everyone stopped buying into these marketing gimmick variants so they boost their publishing numbers so people buy multiple copies of the same book, they’ll eventually stop making them or so many.

  4. Seemingly no one else has noticed that this book is an obvious, conscious homage to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Peni has a Doraemon pillow in her room. Sp//dr has a Totoro sticker on its shoulder and is in Evangelion Unit 02 colors. Ven#m is in Evangelion Unit 01 colors and even turns “beast mode” from Evangelion 2.0 you can (not) advance.

    1. Yup, same here. Good luck to those who bought in.. I think this round is just all hype and fizzle but you know, Marvel will release another new Venom title with this character and claim we all “demanded” it.. 😉

  5. I dig it because definitely full 1st appearance Ven#m throughout the book no disputing it. Good origin as Ven#m starts off a hero and the suit takes over later and traps it’s pilot. Character design is fresh and less like symbiote and more like a Ultron or Metallo Marvel could use another killer robot especially one with a good color scheme.

      1. Give it some time. The book sells out and then we will get a 2nd print followed by a 3rd print and in between the store exclusives will pop up like a bad zit just before prom.

      2. Reprints haven’t hurt TAH22 or Thanos 13/15. Or Venom 3.

        Speaking of which, I stocked up on Venom 3…I kept finding them around in groves, so I searched through the piles and pulled out he 9.8 contenders..selling for $25 now…think I’ll throw one up for $30 see what happens.

      3. This book is sitting similar to Thanos #13 $10-20 upon release, prob not the highest print run, not a lot copies up for sale at the moment 27 last I checked, and people are going to be slow to finding out about the new character just like Cosmic Ghostrider. Once everyone realizes they missed a first Venom appearance the copies on eBay will be gone and the value will be pushed up. If Ven#m has some legs and gets its own book like Poyo demands then it will probably be just like Thanos #13 sits today.

    1. What is Ven#m? I keep thinking this is a typo, but people here keep repeating it.

      Picked up a copy of SG2 today..they had about 5 or 6…no variants. Should I have grabbed more?

      Also dug out 2 copies of Spider-verse 5 from the back issue bins for cover.

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