Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 201st edition of the open forum!

I am sitting atop the roof top pool at 12:00 AM Monday night getting the site ready for Tuesday. First Vacation in a while. Listening to the Atlantic Ocean crash in on the shore makes it hard to write about comics, but I am slugging through.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

49 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I want to hear about his Atlantic coast vacation! Probably means you’re not going to have any spoilers this evening.

    Enjoy he time off! My daughter is having a rough night, not ready to go back to school tomorrow. Lots of tears (she’s 6, and I feel the same way every Sunday night, lol) although I know her friends in her class will be ecstatic to see her.


    1. Wow! Mine just went back Monday. Hell I took a vacation day with the wife just to celebrate. We have 3 and it’s impossible to keep them busy. Even our pool gets boring during the summer. As far as comics I’m skipping this week, just going to cont to sell sell sell.

    2. Mines on her third week of school so minus teacher meetings and hurricane warning days she has been in school 4 days in her first three weeks of school got to love Hawaii public education lol.

  2. Just an FYI. Mile High Comics has a 60% off code at the moment. Two books that are worth checking out are The Last Days for American Crime Preview for $4.00 and Afterburn #1 for $3.20. Have a good Wednesday.

  3. Mile High Comics,did they they ever update their website or does it still look like it was created 25 years ago.Have no desire to go back in time.

    1. Horrible as ever…it is torture trying to navigate & use their search. It is especially fun with books like Spiderman. No sale is worth the hassle of that site.

    2. Yeah, still needs an update…They added an “instant inventory” button that never works so you never know if the “hot” book you just bought is even in stock… by the time they fill the order, which can take over a week, if it was in stock it may not be by the time they decide to pull the it since some of their inventory is at their brick and motor stores. Always a crap shoot with Mile High.

    3. If you’re ever in the Denver area, make it a point to visit my old friend Chuck Rozanski at Mile High .. the main store on Jason St .. while the Website may be a Trip Back in Time, Chuck is a trip in and of Himself ..

  4. I finally read that DC Nation #0 (Im a bit behind in my reading right now), and I loved Kings Joker story in that book. King writes a great Joker.

  5. What say everyone about the new Venom books as spec? I kind of want to pick up the Ve’Nam series for fun, but the First Host looks dire. It just looks like a leftover arc of the last run with zero spec, and I really don’t like Bagley’s rushed art. Still, on the fence.

    1. I dont think there is much spec in todays new Venom titles. If there is any heat on one of these, it will be First Host ratio variants.

      1. Grant Morrison tweeted a teaser during SDCC, I believe. He teased an image of a logo that looks a lot like the Nameless symbol. People are spec’n on that teaser image put out by Morrison.

    1. I mean, I do recall some news with James Gunn possibly doing this as a movie back in Mid-July but if that’s why, sure did take some time for this one to start heating up.

      1. I just finished ordering my SDCC Dr. Aphra, 000 and BT-1 action figure set. It cost me a pretty penny, but Ive been mulling it over for a few days and decided I can not pass them up. I picked up an extra set, it was only $1 more for shipping, so I can attempt a flip to help offset the cost of the set. $50 / set + $32 shipping + $18 tax + 26% currency exchange. The two sets, shipped, cost me $190 CND. They are so cool though. Im happy.

        1. Yeah, I wanted one of those 000 and BT-1 sets as well. Figured I might wait for the non SDCC so I’m not overpaying.

  6. Pick ups for the week:
    Web of Ve’nam #1 (Parlov variant)-If Cates keeps writing them, I’ll most likely buy them.

    Hillbilly Red Eyed Witchery #1-love the fact that these are coming out on a regular basis now. One of the best comic creators around and the stories are awesome. Highly recommended.

    Walk Through Hell #4-most anticipated book to read this week

    Spec pick ups this week:

    Venom #3 1st print for $10-these are going for $24-$25, no brainer
    Walk Through Hell #1 and #2 1st prints for cover
    Web Warriors #2 (1 in 25 Dell’Otto artwork variant of Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham for $10!)

    Good hunting everyone.

  7. light week for new comics…I did pick up an FF #49 in mid grade….Was glad I got a #48 before the prices went insane but had to bite the bullet a little for #49 considering it was much cheaper a couple of months ago… FF #48 & 49 have been underrated and undervalued for a looong time now. Don’t think thee books are approaching a ceiling anytime soon. Yeah, they are pricey now but still plenty of room to grow, especially when they eventually join the cinematic U.

    1. Yeah sorry but that sounds horrible. Just link us next time if it’s going to post “My Avengers Plot” first, I had no idea what I was looking at.

      1. Read the one right above it’s most likely legit he was the same guy that posted Infinity War spoilers a year in advance and pretty much nailed it. I can already confirm two things in his end game write up. With the other plot leak I tried to link it and that’s how it turned out.

      2. “Last November an anonymous 4chan user accurately leaked major plot points of Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War.

        Points included missions, team-ups and most shockingly the return of the Red Skull and Thanos sacrificing Gamora for the Soul Stone.

        While there were some minor inaccuracies – the cast did have fake scenes in their scripts after all – it’s truly a mind-blowing leak.”

  8. taking a week off from the shops. working on a project will be revealed in the next hidden gems . the all new all different appetizers of hidden gems . four of them for now . enjoy 1. nightwatch #6 venom is a golden goose. anything venom carnage is hot movie is next month nightwatch is also getting a movie this book is a no brainer $10-40. 2.planet of the apes gold key #1 first American appearance of planet of the apes. the first was in a manga magazine . 3. captainamerica vol.1 #383 awesome world trade center cap cover tough to find and I have been looking as I am working on a documentary about the trade center in comics and movies plus as a native to nyc I just love this cover $10 4. superman new 52 series #31 1966 allred batman variant this set of variants is ticking upwards this is the cheapest in theset after the batman frankstine one but just a great set to chace . I love you all. tony thank you for allowing me to play in this sandbox. alana I hope your safe . the weather over there looked nasty. I so want poyo to cos play as his anme sake at nycc . if yu if you want agent poyo to cos play as poyo from chew then give me a hells yeah #testify #awesomesauce . come on poyo cos play as poyo it is cool and I will cos play as juggerduck because the juggerduck is awesome have a blessed labor day weekend blind adam out

  9. Picked up:
    Isola 5: last of the story arc
    R&M vs D&D 1 covers A, B, and Retailer A: Patrick Rothfuss has his obsessive fanbase as do R&M and D&D
    R&M 41
    Miracleman 22 signed by Neil Gaiman

    Last week I was at Terrificon in CT. Met Frank Cho. He confirmed with me that the Cho pinup in Malibu’s Freex comic was not his. In fact, he wrote NOT CHO on the front of the book I showed him. Since he had no one at his table, I was able to convince him to draw Leslie from Liberty Meadows for me. I also had him sign his art book for my daughter and a copy of Cavewoman Jungle Tales 1 which I think is his first cover which I submitted to be graded and slabbed.

    I wanted to see Jim Starlin, but I was there on Friday and he did not show. I spoke to someone who stated he is known for not showing up the first day of cons.

    I had Roy Thomas sign a copy of the Essential Conan tpb.

  10. One of the covers for Thanos legacy next week shows what looks like a twin or clone of Gamora. Does anyone have any insight into this?

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