Mel V’s Variant Picks for August 29th 2018

What Up CHU? MEL V. here with my Variant Picks for Aug 29TH. Summer is over I’m depressed, just like that. Lets highlight some variants that may cheer me up. Its a light wallet week so that will help.

Champions (Marvel) Vol 2 #22 Cover B 2nd Ptg Variant Kevin Libranda Cover – Nice cover showcasing new looks for Hulk Amadeus and RiRi ..these could be one of those covers we scramble to pick up later on down the line if these characters heat up in their new look

Edge Of Spider-Geddon #2 Cover B Variant Cully Hamner Cover – The solicits say that SP//dr was one of the most requested characters, this is Peni Parker and SP//dr return,With the Edge Of Spiderverse movie coming up I think these 2 will be HUGE in the future.. I’m holding on to my Edge Of Spiderverse #5 Land variant lol

Joker Daffy Duck Special #1 Cover B Variant Sanford Greene Cover – Man I do love these cross overs, I’m very interested in reading this issue, Batman Elmer Fudd was my favorite one

Venom First Host #1 Cover C Incentive Rod Reis Variant Cover – A very very very cool looking cover,this one is T Shirt worthy ,this is definitely one for the PC

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