Spoilers: Look Who Returns in Death of Inhumans #3

Death of Inhumans #3 is out tomorrow. One thing I can say is it is a damn good book! We saw Black Bolt get his throat sliced last issue and the question was, will he survive. The following post features spoilers. The images are redacted, the accompanying text is not. Click on the spoiler warning to see the spoiled image. 
First up, Vox was hoping he would break Black Bolt by slicing his throat. He doesn’t. He fixes him. I have always liked Black Bolt but hated he couldn’t speak. If you feel that way, you need to read the full issue.
There is a neat return this issue as well.
Here we get a list of Inhumans who have died.

And this paunchy guy isn’t happy to hear about one of them.

He returns just in time for his return to Guardians of the Galaxy next year.

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