Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 202nd edition of the open forum!
Back from vacation and back to work. Ugh. Being away isn’t hard, its coming back to all the things you were away from that makes leaving difficult.
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

87 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. If you canโ€™t tell by my numerous recent posts, Iโ€™m back to collecting comics this year. I usually break from Feb to SDCC, this year it went a little longer. Obviously the mass amount of first appearances coming I no longer can break. Some of these new future characters are already being released in games first like the moon knight spider is coming to Future Fight as well as others.
    This weeks pick ups……
    Cosmic Ghostrider #2
    Cosmic Ghostrider #3 x4
    Thanos Legacy 1:25 Stonehouse
    Weapon H #7 Comics G R Variant x3 preordered.
    Hope to have an article up soon for everybody.

      1. There is a first appearance of some new kind of Skrulls that are giant worms, the variant cover is a nice Homage to Hulk #340 containing the two biggest recent characters of Marvel Cosmic Ghost Rider and Weapon H.

  2. I attended Fanexpo early on the weekend. I took the risk of pre selling some of the fanexpo Tec880 foils that were going to be at this show. I turned the profits of the pre sales into an actual 1st print Tec880. Oh, and on my way out, Jock was on his way in. So I went and lined up for 20 minute and got to meet Jock. Cool guy. Here is a pic of some of my spoils from the show.

    1. And a print of Batman #39, New 52, signed by Capullo. That was the cover that I saw in my LCS, 3-4 years ago, that got me back into reading.

  3. I’ve got two quick ebay questions for you guys. I had 2 auctions end Sunday night and I’m still waiting for payment on both. I sent a payment reminder. How long would you guys wait until you cancel the order? Do any of you click yes when ebay asks if you want to promote your listing for a higher fee?

    1. I would send a courtesy msg asking whem you should expect payment to be made. If the buyer responds to that then I would give them about 1 week. If there is zero communication on the buyers end, ill open an unpaid claim ASAP.
      I dont list many expensive books ($200+), so I never pay for listing upgrades. Feebay and paypal already take to much of the profit. I try to minimize any and all extra fees.

    2. No. Never pay to promote. If the books are desirable people will come. I had a thing this weekend where a guy made a best offer and i accepted. He came back with the story his child did it. Lol.

        1. Hate that crap. You are telling me your child got on the computer. Got on the key board. Clicked on my auction. Entered $30 in the best offer box, clicked submit? So either that is one smart toddler or you failed as a parent.

      1. I will say that my 3 year old actually did buy something years ago on the app. Probably he’s 5 now so it was several years ago but young kids love YouTube videos – and I had the app open, and he bought a TV! It was actually funny, and the seller immediately relisted. But — it does actually happen ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Never had paid for an upgrade since they’ve allowed 12 free pics. Didn’t used to be that way. Plus buy it now wasn’t free either for a time.
      As for non payment, I give them 48 hours unless I hear back. I usually send a reminder of this after about 24 hours from auctions end. Remember to set up your unpaid clam settings to how long your willing to wait before listing your auction. I didn’t realize the default was 30 days….and then the claim is like 10 days to clear…and then even after all that I wasn’t allowed to give negative feedback. Held my books “hostage” for almost 2 months…sometimes it’s better just to cancel the sale and move on.

    4. I also only do buy it nows without best offers. This way people have to pay me immediately when they commit to buy. Except for this one time where they’re paying through the international shipping program and for some reason I wasn’t paid immediately….it took them 48 hours and a warning I was cancelling the sale to get them to pay up.

    5. My rule of thumb is to wait at least 3 business days, which is the eBay default. Remember, yesterday was Labor Day so it shouldn’t count against people who bought books as a business day to count towards payment and it also doesn’t count for those who sold an item in a business day to ship.
      And no, I never pay extra for eBay listings.

      1. And just think, I’m gonna make you help and pay you the same amount you pay me for work on CHU.. absolutely nothing.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Haha, thanks. Well, one thing is for sure, buying lego sets to flip is a bigger gamble than comics for sure. Some of these sets sell for hundreds so flipping for double or less is a huge risk for some. But I’m hoping the site attracts those interested since there is money that can be made if one is smart.
        I am going to try and cover not only sets but figures within sets that seem to sell pretty good as well. I know there’s collectors that will buy just the mini-figures from sets for some mad cash.
        But the other thing to make the site successful is readers like you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Very interesting, Poyo. I will be checking it out and perhaps will expand my market and opportunities. Poyo, did you lose your real job? Lok. I have noticed you contributing quite a bit, lately, to CHU. And now youve found time to start a whole other site. Seriously, where did all the free time cone from? And why are using all this free time to be productive? Sit back, have a toke. Enjoy the birds in the trees. Jokes, Poyo. All your hard work is truly appreciated.

      1. I’m fortunate enough to work in front of a computer for my job. I’m contracting but just accepted a more 8-5 type job starting next week. I wanted to get rid of one of my other clients cause they kind of suck (when you’re morals don’t align with theirs, ya gotta start looking elsewhere). So starting next week, probably be less of Poyo during the day. Ultimately I would love to run websites like this and CHU full time.. which is one reason I’m focusing on CHU so much while also spinning off Talk about a dream job of attending Cons, promoting comics and toys and breaking news of hot collectibles while making enough money to pay the bills and feed the family at the same time..

  4. Im gonna go on random limbs and take Bordertown, Thanos Leg, MAYBE Old Man Logan Annual bc it seems Old Man Pun is showing up, Silver Surfer just bc he gets no love, a copy of CGR, finally got around to reading Gideon so might catch the back issues bc its amazing. Batman is always pull and that should about break the bank this week considering Marvel books are $73 dollars now ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

    1. I’d totally welcome a new Silver Surfer series if done right, maybe a bit darker and perhaps without Dan Slott writing it. He’d definitely get more love since Silver Surfer was one of my all time favorite characters.

      1. Surfer definitely needs a new run. One of my absolute favorite characters. That joke of a run that was last put out there was abysmal. Story. Art. Everything about it. Get him back with Galactus or something similar instead of babysitting some stupid Earth girl.

        1. Mmmm.. Silver Squirrel Girl. Sounds like a winner.
          Next up, we get Ricky Schroder back from Silver Spoons to play her tag along boy toy in the comic book. Let’s get Slott back writing it, he can write us another stupid love story that makes us want to gouge our eyes out with a spork…

  5. Quiet week
    Cover #1
    United States vs Murder Inc #1
    Harley Quinn #49 (Variant)
    Also picking up Avengers #7 (1:50 Crain Variant). I went with that one because itโ€™s the origin of Fred Flintstone Ghost Rider.
    Meant I passed on Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 Shalvey variant which now has Thanosher

  6. Border Town #1 Jimenez variant (only after watching Anthony’s video, didnt know about it before!)
    Thanos Legacy #1 Perez variant (also ordered the Skan variant fro thecomicmint)
    Bully Wars #1 Uncensored variant
    Deathstroke #35 Mattina variant
    Harley Quinn #49 Cho
    Spawn #289 Mattina

  7. Spawn 289
    TWD 183 B
    Thanos Legacy
    Cosmic Ghost RIder 3
    Pestilence 4
    Venom First Host 2
    Spiderman/Deadpool 38
    Going to try to pick up Family Graves 1 and Elric the White Wolf 1 but not sure if my LCS will carry.
    Other than that the kids are sick with the back to school crud topped off with a case of pink eye, fun stuff. My biggest pick up of the week was a shark’s tooth I found while doing some work in a cave. Like taking a look in a page of the multi million page comic of life.

    1. Recently, I was given a stone ax that was found by my great uncle while digging a grave. Doing a bit of research, it is at least 8,000 BC. Pretty cool to hold and think about.

    2. Yeah I’m up in north Alabama which is cave central. I have seen them embedded in the ceilings of caves but this one was loose and just sitting on the ground.

  8. Picking up:
    Unnatural 3: I have all of the variants for 1 & 2, but I don’t think I will continue that with 3 solely due to the need to reduce spending.
    Invader Zim 34
    In the mail:
    Unnatural 2 Mendoza Variant
    This weekend is Rose City Comic Con. I’ll be there Sunday if anyone is interested in meeting up. When I went to Terrificon a few weeks ago, Jim Starlin was a no-show on the day I went and I was told he is known to skip the first day of a con. He is supposed to be at RCCC, so we’ll see if I end up seeing him. I have a coffee-table book of artists in their studio that I’d like to have him sign. Zander Canon was a last minute add to RCCC, so that is a plus. His Replacement God and Heck are favorites. I respect Kaijumax, but don’t like it as much. The first panel on Sunday is with Adam Hughes.

  9. No one ever mentions these books, however, I have always done incredibly well stocking them .. leftovers have always brought a premium on eBay as well ::

  10. Edge of Spider-Geddon #1
    Spawn 289 A
    Thanos Legacy
    Cosmic Ghost RIder 3A x 2
    Deathstroke Mattina
    Elric #1 A & B
    Border Town #1 A&B
    Venom First Host 2
    Bully Wars 1A
    Unnatural #3D uncensored cover

          1. Market is flooded currently. I think I’m gonna hold mine for now, let the market dry up some and hope people still love them some Ven#m months or years from now. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I just had an order for 4 of them on eBay cancelled from the seller preordered would really suck if I didnโ€™t already have a set of A and B.

  11. Lots of great pickups this week:
    Doctor Aphra Annual #2
    Walking Dead (Sienkiewicz variant)
    Thanos Legacy #1 (Stonehouse variant for $12)
    Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 (Declan variant for $30-paid way too much for this, but it was the only one I saw in my travels to shops today)
    Day 165 graphic novel Source Point Press (only 1 shop had a single copy and seeing how well Rejected did, took a chance)
    Star Wars 53 (Chief Chirpa variant)
    Spec pick ups from last week:
    Had an appointment about 45 minutes from my work, went into a small shop I hadn’t been to before. Had a bunch of $1 per comic long boxes. I love looking for treasures in this type of stuff. Found the following:
    Last Days of American Crime #1 & #2 (both covers)-Rick Remender low print run series that recently got optioned
    Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #120
    Spiderman Tangled Web #4-one of the best single series stories by Greg Rucka I’ve ever read about one of the Kingpin’s minions that has to answer for a botched robbery for the PC
    Batman Madness-Loved these one shot annuals by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (for the PC)
    Good hunting everyone!

  12. Hulk 418, first appearance of Talos the Untamed Skrull from the Captain Marvel movie. A good amount of the Hulk 418โ€™s are going quick, quick, quick on eBay. I suggest picking up today.

    1. Agreed! Snagged on at my shop today.
      Avengers 346 is also a great book to snag as it is typically in dollar boxes (1st Star Force) and has picked up heat.

      1. Grabbed two copies of hulk 418. One is not a die cut. Is this a second print? Interior does not indicate it is. UPC says direct edition.

      2. Looks like Avg 346 is the better grab of the two…pile of Hulk 418’s showed up on ebay this afternoon listed for $5…with them going for $20 out of the gate, what crazy @$$ lists buy-it-nows for less than $10??!!!

  13. all I bought this week is true belivers d.d. #1, c.g.r. #3 juggerduck is #awesomesauce boradertown #1 both covers . I hope tony can get up the latest top twenty hidden gems as it was a great list this week. love you all blind adam out

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