Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 9/5/18 launched recently and has quickly become a go to spot for watching eBay trends on comics. They scour thousands of sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics:

Edge of Spider-Geddon #2 Hamner Variant
7 Day Trend: +315%
Top Graded Sale: $85
Average Raw Sale: $12.25
Units Sold: 49
Edge of Spider-Geddon #2
7 Day Trend: +201%
Top Graded Sale: $75
Average Raw Sale: $8.82
Units Sold: 46
Venom First Host #1 Reis Variant
7 Day Trend: +113%
Top Graded Sale: $110
Average Raw Sale: $44.95
Units Sold: 63
Venom Space Knight #12
7 Day Trend: +146%
Top Raw Sale: $30
Average Raw Sale: $23.99
Units Sold: 36
Spawn #1
7 Day Trend: +123%
Top Graded Sale: $129
Average Raw Sale: $19.42
Units Sold: 42
Carnage Mind Bomb #1
7 Day Trend: +96%
Top Graded Sale: $415
Average Raw Sale: $85.75
Units Sold: 42
Amazing Spider-man #361
7 Day Trend: +99%
Top Graded Sale: $480
Average Raw Sale: $85.75
Units Sold: 41
Batman Adventures #12
7 Day Trend: +132%
Top Graded Sale: $1875
Average Raw Sale: $283
Units Sold: 28
Venom #4
7 Day Trend: +106%
Top Graded Sale: $71
Average Raw Sale: $10.00
Units Sold: 33
Venom Lethal Protector #1
7 Day Trend: +83%
Top Graded Sale: $94
Average Raw Sale: $31
Units Sold: 34

61 thoughts on “ Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 9/5/18”

      1. I still find Spawn #1 at Half Price. Most are kind of beat up but that’s where I got my current NM copy a few years back for a $1.

          1. That’s what happens when a book heats up, cools down, heats up, cools down. They pass through a lot of Half Price Books bins and a lot of collector hands. I bet Spawn #1 are just as dirty as stripper one dollar bills.. 😉

      2. At a show about 3 1/2 years ago, I was talking to a vendor that had, literally, 2 long boxes front to back full of Spawn #1s. I think they were $1 or $2 each. I wish my Deloreon was out of the shop.

      3. On the flip side, I recently sold a Spawn #1 for $25. Was an easy 9.6 and maybe even a 9.8. Still have four or five more to sell as the movie gets closer.

      1. I don’t know how many Spawn 1’s in 9.0 or higher are left out there .. I’d guess quite a few .. it’s rare that I look at any Modern collection that does not have at least one in it, sometimes multiples .. I’ve not looked at the CGC Census for quite a while, either ..
        The Newsstand versions in top shape are well worth seeking out, since those are getting really scarce, IMO .. I just don’t see them much anymore ..

        1. My PC copy of Spawn #1 is a newsstand edition that I bought from my local convenience store back when it first came out. Its probably a 9.6..

      2. The Newsstand version is just so much tougher to find in top Grade since it was, er, Newsstand .. back when spinning wire racks were the norm .. in addition, it had less of a print run and unsold copies had the top cover ripped off and were destroyed, which were the rules back then if you wanted to get credit on your invoice for unsold copies ..

    1. It’s getting to the point I may be able to trade my collection for a small home in Hawaii which was always the end goal. I thought it would take 30years but it’s only been 8.

      1. Lol. That’s not bad you know. My collection is massive and would take a while to move, but it’s getting up there is value. I keep selling books as they pop. I used to hoard them when I knew they were popping and missed sales Windows, but not any more.

    2. Haha.. if the movie is good.. 🙂
      Marvel needs to take back all the Sony rights for these movies to even be considered “decent movies”.

    1. Who is talking about it like it is a joke. It would be like making fun of any other multi million dollar industry. The things I am seeing being done with comics and analyzing the Hobby I am not seeing anywhere else.

      1. Supply and demand. Plus I think the lack of comic book stores nation wide helps with selling on the bay. Big city like Houston and all we have is about 4 BedRock City shops. It’s Almost easier to buy off of the bay now a days.

    2. I love this hobby/flipping even if I don’t make money. I just love comics especially when you put them in a new bag and board. It’s my drug

    1. My experience over 40 years selling is, on average, Spider-Man new material as well as Back issues, have been the best selling titles overall ..

      1. I don’t know numbers but Id probably agree with this. Older Spiderman always go for $$$$ and I would also throw Batman in the mix. Arguably the big twos most popular and always have resell potential.

        1. I buy any 12 or 15 cent Batman or detectives if I see they are complete and cheap. My first appearance of Poison Ivy i paid $5 for years ago and it is a beautiful copy.

        2. Agreed. Over my 3 years of flipping, I have found that Spidey and Bats are the best movers. When I say those two titles, I include the whole Spidey and Bats’ umbrella. I would lump Venom into the Spidey category.

    2. The data is what the data is. VENOM is a massive market seller and dominates resales right now… and therefore this top 10. Also, click on Spawn’s sales info. It’s NUTS how many copies sell every week. It is easily the #1 best selling back issue book.

  1. How on earth is BA12s avg raw price at $283? I could find one sold listing at about $200 for a low grade raw, all other sales of that book are well above $283. Do they include reprints for the sales? Something is amiss.

      1. It is a fairly new site. I suppose they will need time to sort out the bugs. Anthony, do you know who is running that site? Does the site or any of the operators have any ties to any other comic related endeavours, that you know of?

    1. Thanks for all the great comments! When we see books like this pop up, we often question sales ourselves and will check the data. This was one. And surprisingly, the data is accurate. Here were some of the most recent BA12 sales: 9/3 VF- @ $233.50, 9/3 VF/NM @ $305, 9/3 NM- @ $385, 9/3 No grade @ $207, 9/2 “low grade” @ $145, 9/1 NM @ $500. Lots of other following sales from VF+ to NM- at that average. The outliers are actually the NM/NM+ raws and rarely come up. Our system gives more weight to recent sales to make sure the average is a more accurate representation of what a book is “worth now” rather then a long period of time. The market is always fluctuating and we’ll capture that. One thing we plan to add within the sales data are the specific condition details (ie. VF, NM-, Low grade, etc.). Hope that helps and Thanks!!

      1. Im not seeing those sales on eBay. Some of the most recent raw sales of BA12 that I can find are 9/04 @ $486, 9/02 @ $360, 8/28 @ $816, 8/27 @ $408 and that low grade copy for like $200. And when I check current listings and auctions, those also do not reflect the data Im seeing from the site. Im just trying to gauge the sites accuracy, as I can not take it for face value until it has proven itself to be honorable and accurate.

      2. I did a quick data check for the BA12 sold prices, as given by From a quick 5-10 minute check, I found at least 2 sales of BA12 from Sept.o2 that are not accounted for in the cvrprice market data. One was for $360 and the other was $305. So, from my first check, the cvrprice site is not accounting for all sales of the book, and therefore the site does not yet seem credible. You cant gauge the market if you are excluding some sales from your data. Not using all the data from the market would completely skew the data they are selling as accurate. My two cents.

      3. Thanks Jay for checking on those. As we are a mixture of fans, collectors, speculators…. well…everything comics, we definitely work hard to make every book’s pricing as accurate and credible as possible. We’re pulling sales from multiple sites across the internet. I do see those two sales in our data there that you mentioned, it just showed up in our data as 9/03 instead of the 2nd. And no worries, we have a “missing something” button where you can flag missing titles, notes, sales, etc. We’re constantly making the sales and data algorithms tighter and consistently more accurate. I hope we can prove that we’re the honorable and accurate site that you want in a price guide. I appreciate the comments and your fellow passion for comics!

        1. I think it is an absolute necessity for the site to clarify the grades of the books. Without grades, the info is misleading, imo. A NM BA12 is not the same thing as an 8.0 BA12. When lumping in sales of all grades, what value are you actually assigning to the book? Its not an accurate reflection of the value of the book when it is nothing more than an average of all grades of the book. A Chevy Volt and a Chevy Corvette are both Chev, but they have vastly different values. I could give you the avg price of every Chevy sold, but that doesn’t reflect the vast difference in quality of one Chev to the next. I think it is imperative that the grades be distinguished from each other. Any price guide in the history of price guides, includes grading. Without grading notations, the data is incomplete and not reflective of any true value of any book.
          As far as missing data from the site, I personally sold a few Tec880 foils for $79.95. I do not see any of those sales in the sites data for those sales.
          Its a great idea, it just needs more concrete, comprehensive data to be accurate or useful. I dont need to know the avg price of all grades, if Im looking to buy or sell a NM copy of any given book. My third cent.

      4. I noticed today that BA12s avg value is $237 today. Yesterday it was $287. In one day, according to that site, the value of BA12 dropped by nearly 20%. I dont think that’s an accurate reflection of the market for that book.

  2. is covr price a free site? do you have to pay like key collector? this is #awesomesauce blind adam out

    1. Adam .. there is a Free version that could fit the needs of many .. there is also a Paid version that is more extensive .. it really is a brilliant idea .. one stop, up to the minute Guide .. beats having to wade thru eBay sold items ..

    2. Yo Adam, yep. We have a free portion. It does limit you to 300 books to add into your collection. However, if you don’t care about putting in your whole collection and only want to track the “hot” recent books, the free version is perfect. I had one user mention that they were debating what books to send to CGC to get graded and entered in 100 books and then looked at the RAW to GRADED difference to see which ones made most sense. That was all they needed at that moment. With that said, there’s lots of fun bells and whistles with the paid version. Everyone starts with a 14 free trial of the unlimited version. When that ends, you can choose free or pay for unlimited and see if you miss those features. We have some great features in the works too. Thanks!

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