Wednesday Giveaway – Guncats #1 Signed by Samantha Wallschlaeger

Welcome once again to another CHU comic book giveaway. This week we have a copy of Guncats #1 out from Action Lab Comics signed by the writer Samantha Wallschlaeger.

I was right when I mentioned in my picks that my local Dragon’s Lair had these out last week when the release date was actually this week. It’s because they had Samantha Wallschlaeger do a signing last week, which I missed. Lucky for me, they had a few copies left of the signed book.
So here’s your chance at this new book if you missed out since a lot of online retailers are sold out of this book with only one listing currently on eBay.
This book was signed on the inside cover, which is unusual for comic signings and more of a norm for hardcover type books, but regardless, it will be soon find a home to whoever is the lucky winner.
The Rules are simple:

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. Enter your name below (If this is your first time entering it can take up to 24 hours for your name to show up. Don’t worry, your entry is still recorded.
  3. One entry per person.
  4. AgentPoyo will cover the shipping costs unless you are overseas. If you win and are overseas, I’ll kindly ask you to chip in for shipping charges.

That’s it, good luck!

89 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway – Guncats #1 Signed by Samantha Wallschlaeger”

  1. Black Bolt, here!
    Ps. I’m looking for this guy at my LCS today, AND That’s right, Is SOLD out!
    So good luck to everyone!
    Cuz you need it 8)

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