Alana’s Weekend Specs: Swampy Girls

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs. I’m back and filled with comic enthusiasm after a long break from collecting comics. In the meantime my husband was collecting Jordan’s he doesn’t even wear, taking all of our comic money. Now that we have more shoe boxes than comic boxes I can get back to collecting comics. This week we cover the Swamp Thing news, Captain Marvel villain, and a few other soon to be relevant characters.
The #1 thing that I find crazy when coming back from breaks is how much everything goes up in price. It’s hard out there to stretch your dollars these days on comic 1st appearances. No longer can you get 30 1st appearances and combined shipping from Mile High for $20, all those books have became $20 bills themselves. Today’s list has one thing in common they all still have attractive buy ins. Good to be back let’s jump in!

Swamp Thing #3 (Vol. 1)
1st Full Patchwork Man 1st Abigail Arcane
Abigail was cast for the coming Swamp Thing series. She is Swampy’s wife and probably one of if not the main character of the series. If you remember the old sequel from 1989 Return of the Swamp Thing Heather Locklear was cast in this part. This book is also a twofer and contains the villain Patchwork Man first full appearance and he most likely will show up at some point in the series as well. Copies as low as $10 to be found.

Swamp Thing #3 (Vol. 2)

1st Liz Tremayne
Liz is Abigail’s friend and another main character in the Swamp Thing mythos. Good pick up for a $1 probably worth a future flip. She will most likely die at some point in the show.

Hulk #418
1st Talos
Already discussed in the comments earlier here in CHU, Talos will be the main antagonist for the Captain Marvel film. There is an ashcan edition that predates Hulk #418 that can be found for a couple dollars it has the same cover without the diecut. Hulk #419 would be Talos’s first cover and 2nd appearance worth a dollar bin search as well.

J2 #5 
1st Wildthing
I’ve written this up before and will continue to do so until it gets the respect it deserves. Wildthing is Wolverine’s first daughter debuting 5 years before X23. NYX #3  first X23 can hit $1200 in 9.8, Gabby’s first appearance All new Wolverine #2 1:25 Variant   can fetch $800 and the regular cover can fetch $200 in 9.8s, J2#5 can be found for $3. People love Wolvie’s daughters they just don’t know about his first. So why do I mention her today again, the character design for the coming Hex23 is almost identical to Wildthing. Not saying Hex23 is going to be Wildthing but you never know and maybe seeing Hex23 with the red illuminated claws will make people take notice of the original character with those same very claws.

New Avengers #4 1st Maria Hill
Written up the past for the same reason written up today, they just keep putting her in movies. Confirmed in the Spider-Man sequel that will make 5 MCU movies for Maria as well as time on Agents of Shield the television show.

Flash #170 1st Cicada
This will be sought after more so as soon as the new season of Flash gets under way. Cicada will be the main villain of season 5 of Flash. Very few copies up for sale now most likely a rush on it soon, could be the perfect storm. All main Flash villain appearances from the show have a history of good gains. From Reverse Flash, Zoom, Savitar, The Thinker all did well and still hold a decent amount of those gains today from being on the show. This isn’t new news just a friendly reminder, now is better than later on this book.

Captain America #164 1st Nightshade.
Written up in the past for season 2 of Luke Cage, this book now has relevance for season 3. The character Nightshade ended as a bad guy at the end of season 2 and may be the big bad in season 3 after Luke received her rightful inheritance the rumor is.

Daredevil #254 1st Typhoid Mary
Again written up in the past worth a mention today as Ironfist season 2 is available on Netflix. This book will most likely see continued heat not only from the tv show but looks like Marvel has plans for her in coming comics.
That’s all I got this week still shaking the cob webs out. I should have a toy article up sooner than later since it’s already half written from months ago. As always thanks for reading and happy hunting!

13 thoughts on “Alana’s Weekend Specs: Swampy Girls”

  1. Looks like that kinda bunk Steel Serpent spec from Iron Fist season 1 planned out in season 2. It was a way better show this season.

  2. Dang, Wolverine has gotten busy plenty over the years!!! Waiting for Marvel to do a Partridge Family rip off where he and the kiddies go on tour with a bunch of ripped up tambourines!

    1. I still picked up a few of the J2 #5….cheap right now and I’m sure a lot of comic shops have them sitting in the bins for cover or less.

  3. don’t forget daedally hands of kung fu #10 has a ironf ist cover and is the first appearance of the steal serphant . marvel premire is also the first ward as well. I so would watch or be an extra or be in an episode of a daughters of the dragon show and I hope we get heroes for hire as a whole someday resting after heroes and villains fan fest love you guys blind adam out

  4. Easy to agree that Wildthing or X23 prototype is under appreciated. It is another example that being first in the minds of collectors is more valued than first appearance.

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