Rumor: Captain Britain Coming to Marvel Cinematic Universe

A rumor started circulating on the internet today that Guy Ritchie is fast tracking a Captain Britain and Black Knight movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The rumor started at Ain’t it Cool website that received an email from who they referred to as Super Grip, stating that “Space at Pinewood has been booked for November & December 2018 to hold auditions for a Marvel project called CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND THE BLACK KNIGHT.” and “The name of the director booked in for all these dates is GUY RITCHIE.” (The full email follows).

“I work at various movie studios in the UK and have been situated at Pinewood for a few weeks, and I’m moving to Cardiff on a project soon. I haven’t seen anything about this online anywhere, so I thought id send the info on to you: Space at Pinewood has been booked for November & December 2018 to hold auditions for a Marvel project called CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND THE BLACK KNIGHT. The name of the director booked in for all these dates is GUY RITCHIE. Marvel seems to be moving fast with it to fill in the space left behind by Danny Boyle’s aborted Bond 25. Everyone is excited because it looks like another few months of solid work when we thought we would have to wait a while.”

“Hope this is of interest like I said I haven’t heard anything about it online, but Marvel is getting in there fast.”

Captain Britain is Brian Braddock, who was featured in Marvel UK comics before coming over to the US. Captain Britain first appears in the hard to find Captain Britain Magazine #1. His first US appearance is in Marvel Team-Up #65. Black Knight is Dane Whitman who first appears in Avengers #47 before appearing for the first time as the Black Knight in Avengers #48.


(thanks to Alana for pointing out some of the keys in comments.)


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15 Responses to Rumor: Captain Britain Coming to Marvel Cinematic Universe

  1. Alana says:

    Marvel Tales #201 is worth a mention it’s a reprint of Marvel Team up #65 and also contains 1st appearance of Spiderham

  2. Lonzilla says:

    Copies of Avengers 48 are flying off ebay at an unreal pace. A long undervalued book IMO. The MSH issue with Black Knight’s 1st solo book is worth picking up as well

    • OC_Guy says:

      Yeah they are! I wonder if the British price version of this book will be the better one to get….I doubt most people care but might be cool.

  3. Am I the only one hoping we also get to see Psylocke in such a film? Whether the Disney/Fox deal gets far enough underway for this to happen or not, she should be one of those dual use characters like Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch since she did not first appear in X-men and was only added to their cast years later. She doesn’t need to have a huge role in the film, but she’s obviously a crucial part of his history, considering she is his twin sister.

  4. Uncle Willie says:

    Personally, I’d take this bit of “news” with a very large grain of salt, for various reasons ..

    • OC_Guy says:

      Yeah, like all rumors nothing can be taken seriously until made official….Captain Britain has been talked about on and off for a while now so I can see him especially joining the cinematic U at some point (phase 4 or 5). Also, Marvel/Disney has made more global exposure a priority so it makes sense to bring established characters from countries other than the US into the mix. We’ll see.

      • OC_Guy says:

        Regardless, if this turns out acculturate or just rumor I would say if anyone can still find a copy of Captain Britain #1 at a reasonable price go ahead and buy it….Avengers #48 as of writing this are still out there but the pickins are getting slim. Probably worth getting that one for the PC before all regular priced issues are gone…Which they probably will be soon..on Ebay anyway.

  5. adam wonders the blind comicpimp says:

    wow now rumors are making stuff blow up. avengers #48. oliva mung o.k. the pimp gods will allo allow it as she is hot and she played a decent psylock . and if your hunting captain britian #1 make sure it ahs the mask still attached marvel tales #201 is a great buy spider ham I belive marvel eam up #66&marvel tales #202 are also wroth a buy . but ltr lets make it past the rumors phase before we go nuts love you guys blind adam out

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