Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 9/12/18

Each Week hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 9/12/18:

A pretty big, but very interesting week of comics. Could be a surprise hit or two this week.
Killer B Covers
Big DC B cover week. As always, do not break the bank on these. They are more personal collection than quick flips. However, they still could go up in value long term.
Catwoman #3 Artgerm cover – This one didn’t catch any stores by surprise. However it is a great looking cover for the PC.
Detective Comics #988 Mark Brooks cover – Another visually appealing Brooks cover.
Red Hood And The Outlaws #26 Yasmine Putri cover – Issue 25 saw some spec love recently so wondering if #26 will do the same.
Suicide Squad #46 Francesco Mattina cover – Another great Mattina. This is turning into a nice set.
Wonder Woman #54 Jenny Frison Cover – Frison has been putting out great Wonder Woman covers and this will be another great DC set.
House Of Whispers #1 Bill Sienkiewicz Cover – This is a new series in the Sandman Universe. Sienkiewicz has a great following. While it is not the most appealing based on subject matter of the cover, this could be the B cover to get this week based on potential for a flip.
New Image #1’s
Cemetery Beach #1 is out this week and is pretty cool. I had a chance to read this one early and really liked it. Cool off world story where people split to and started a separate society. An intrepid spy crosses over and gets captured. The story follows him trying to escape enlisting local help. Features 3 covers, a regular, a virgin, and the homage Impact cover.
MCMLXXV #1 – (1975) features a badass taxi driver who is also a badass monitor fighter. Looks very interesting.
The “Big Three” Books to Watch
Journey Into Mystery Birth Of Krakoa #1 – New Journey Into Mystery series without Thor or Loki. Features Nick Fury on Krakoa, the island from early X-Men adventures.
Weapon H #7 – has people talking due to the Skrulldiggers. A new Skrull related villain.
Small Press Gems
Mystery Science Theater 3000 #1 – out from Dark Horse. Cult favorite TV show comes to comic. Lots of fans for the show. Not sure this will be a spec win but will be a fun comic.
Wrong Earth #1 – Cool sounding new series from small press publisher Ahoy comics. Drawn by the artist of “Black’ and features a short story by Grant Morrison. This one will be hard to find.
Rags #1 – Small press book which may be hard to find. Could be gimmicky but could see people scrambling to get it. Are zombie books dead?
Low Road West #1 – New Boom series by Phillip Kennedy Johnson. Johnson’s work has been recently optioned and Boom has a first look deal in place.
Small Press Picks of the Week
Riptide #2 is out this week. The first issue was a spec hit. Small print run and hard to find. Second issues tend to have small print runs and are harder to find.
Poser #1 is out from Waxwork comics. Small press horror book that features a slasher without the slasher tropes. Comes with a sound track which is an added bonus. Copies listed on eBay for $14.
Big Three Pick of the Week
Old Man Logan #47 – Seeing a lot of movement on eBay already. New Villain and potential death of a character makes this one appealing.
And in case you missed it here is the New Comic Spec Review Video for 9/12/18:

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  1. Anything going on in the Infinity Wars #3 or Fantastic Four #2? Was seeing someone said first appearances in those. I think mashup characters in IW and a villain in FF?

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