Spoiler: Champions Spider-Man Deals with Real World Problem

Champions #24 is in stores tomorrow. The solicitation is very simple:

The Champions grapple with a foe that all the super-powers in the world cannot vanquish!

It is mostly Spider-man Miles Morales that has to deal with it though. Check out the spoilers below. The spoiled images are redacted, the accompanying text is not. Click the spoiler warnings to see the spoiled images.
Spider-man doesn’t always rely on his spider-sense

Spider-man is off to discover…

Hitting close to home for him, or school as it was.


6 thoughts on “Spoiler: Champions Spider-Man Deals with Real World Problem”

  1. I pre ordered this issue, thinking it’d be a good read. Something that hasn’t been addressed in comics, really. Not like this anyway. Surprised it’s not getting more attention. Maybe it’ll be a sleeper.
    I like the cover too.

  2. This seems like an echo of the 9/11 spidey issue. As an educator i’m glad its acknowledged in comics, but it saddens my heart that its something very real that kids now have to live with, akin to the survivors of the towers.

    1. Yes. Apparently the “lock down” alarm went off accidentally at my kids preschool today and they had to take cover. Another reminder how different today’s world is from when I was a child.

    2. The children in my country, and most countries, do not have to worry about this. Gun control is effective, and should be something that America should be implementing.

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