Spoilers: Scooby Apocalypse, Guess Who is Back?

Not long ago, Fred died in the pages of Scooby Apocalypse. In Scooby Apocalypse #29 we get to see him again. Read on for spoilers. The spoiled images are redacted. The accompanying text is not. Click the spoiler warnings to see the redacted images.

The solicitation for Scooby Apocalypse #29 follows:

A new creature commander emerges from the shadows and it only wants one thing, the ultimate monster-killer herself-Daphne! Even with Scrappy-Doo, the gang is no match for this rabid monster madness. Worst of all, Daphne seems to have lost the will to live. Is one person worth the price of survival of the human race?

Like I mentioned, Fred is Dead…

And now he is Undead and hungry

Maybe we know who that new creature commander is…


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  1. Michael Cox says:

    pretty cool!

  2. D-rog says:

    Maybe now I can sell my SDA #25s? Can’t give them away.

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