Venom First Host #3 Features New Symbiote

Thanks to our friends at The Comic Regime for the heads up on this one. Also check out the Comic Book Community on Facebook.

Venom First Host #3 is in stores today and features a new symbiote. The new symbiote also features new powers.

We mentioned Venom First Host #3 a few weeks back when we talked about the reference to the baby symbiote in the solicitation for the issue.

TEL-KAR has the Venom Symbiote back and Eddie dons the spawn of Venom in the new issue. With all things Venom and symbioses being hot, we said this one would be one to watch.

Thanks again to Matt at the Comic Regime for the images.


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15 Responses to Venom First Host #3 Features New Symbiote

  1. Lonzilla says:

    Enough already. This is worse than the late 90’s but I’ll gladly make money from this drek and buy better books

    • kevin says:

      while i agree there is alot of shit being thrown against the wall, unlike the 90’s the print runs here are small in comparison. lots of cash to be made if any of these newbies stick

  2. Alana says:

    Is this the most first appearances in a week by Marvel.

  3. Bryan says:

    Does this put Venom 165 in play?

  4. Bill says:

    22 hours and 11 minutes I went without Venom/symbiote news. I was pulling to get to 24. It will come – one day

  5. AL says:

    Wait! They haven’t started the Vnom Mash-ups yet.

  6. David Beach says:

    Has there been a Thanem yet?

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