One to Watch: Venom First Host #2

Venom First Host #1 is out tomorrow. It features the first host of Venom, the Kree named TEL-KAR. But Venom First Host #2 may have a more interesting first appearance.

It is interesting to note, the solicitation for Venom First Host #3 mentions Venom having a newborn offspring, check out the full solicitation below:

After the extraterrestrial ambush of last issue, the Venom symbiote will have to choose between allowing its newborn offspring to die…or separate from Eddie Brock!

So it seems that Venom could be having a baby, well another one because you have to count  Carnage, in Venom First Host #2.

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    1. True … solicitations for Venom 165 mentioned something about “The Nativity” storyline having an impact in an upcoming storyline if I remember correctly? Wondering if this is one and the same?

      1. This is pretty much the ONLY spec this week. Unless Cates has a secret in Ve’nam. There were quite a few of our well known heroes in the Vietnam, Stark, Rhodes, Logan, Flash Thompson, Forge, Frank Castle and who knows what S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

    1. By only spec do you mean it has potential to heat up fast? There are rumors of possible new character in Edge of Spider-Geddon 2 and the Nightwing comic…maybe they’re specworthy if they are in there.

    2. No worries Captain, I look at different sites to try to gather what’s what each week, some are on point with the info, but never know until night before or day of release sometimes. Cheers!

  1. Anthony…You should do an article that lists all the Cates Venom/symbiote Keys….. Seems like just about everything he is touching or even talking about these days is becoming a modern key. Getting crazy!

    1. First Host isn’t a Cates book, it’s by Mike Costa. I am interested to see if Costa and Cates do intertwine Venom lore though. Like Cates did with Aarons God of Thunder. If you go on the Key Collectors app they have all of the Symbiote keys there. Or you could just search for Venom by himself if you like.

      1. Lol. ‘Key collector ‘. Still no official announcement about AWTH media deal. Be wary of the key collector app, and certainly do not give them your money for info that you get for free everywhere else.

          1. I can not make that bet, Tony. I would not be surprised if the series did receive a media deal. But as of yet, it has not. I think the series is intriguing, as I stated a few weeks ago in the forum.

  2. So, I should go buy venom 165 ….NOW!!!

    Is that what I’m hearing. I need some good flips to compensate for some of my terrificon indiscretions…

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