Spoilers: Batman #55, The Ending is Killer

Batman #55 is in stores tomorrow. I can say that it had one of the best “Caught me off guard” moments I have seen in a DC book in a while. Check out the spoilers below. The images are redacted, click the spoiler warning to see the images. The accompanying text is not redacted so only proceed if you are good with spoilers.

Gordon, Nightwing, and Batman have a rooftop meet up. The one arm man joke pays off later.


Oh snap.

I am sure he will be ok though.

It explains the cover to Nightwing #50


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16 Responses to Spoilers: Batman #55, The Ending is Killer

  1. OC_Guy says:

    They must only use airsoft in the comic book universes.

  2. Shines says:

    If he got shot on the left side of his head why is the scar on the right side in the variant?
    And is that The Hook who shot Deadman? Does he hate trapeze artists?

  3. Anthony says:

    Batman Damned #1 has the first appearance of Bruce Wang. Just gonna leave it at that.

  4. Dispaminite says:

    It’s his newest sidekick, who also happens to be named Richard.

  5. Shines says:

    He can only fight crime for 4 hours at a time.

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