Spoilers: Justice League #8, A New Villain Emerges

Justice League #8 is in stores tomorrow. It sets the tone for things to come. A new threat is on the horizon. The spoiled images are redacted, the accompanying text is not, click on the spoiler warnings to see the redacted images.

There is a secret about the Source Wall. It was made to hold one person. To find out who, Lex goes to a familiar face.

(not too big of a surprise because it was mentioned in the solicitation as well as on the regular cover. )

Lex makes a deal with him, but gets a bit of information he wasn’t expecting.

And he gets a name….


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  1. kevin says:

    just giving a head up to my fellow speculators, midtown just put TT20 1:25 incentives up on sale for 20 bucks each. there selling on ebay for $40+

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