Alana's Weekend Spec: Do You Believe In Magic….

Aloha CHUniverse, and welcome back to Weekend Specs! This week we pull out the crystal ball and spec deep into the future on the new Marvel tv shows announced to launch Disney’s streaming service. The time is now on some of these books as cheap silver age 1st appearances are few and far between these days. On top of talking Loki, Scarlet Witch, and the mysterious female team Marvel show we have the villain for this years Arrowverse cross over event. Fill up that PayPal account and let’s jump in!

Thor #129 1st Ares.
Find this Silver Age 1st appearance for $20, because good chance Ares could be in both a Scarlet Witch and Loki television show. This forgotten character would be a great fit to be revived through the small screen.

Journey into Mystery Annual #1 1st Hercules.
Again another good home for an Olympians on TV would be Hercules. He has a history with Scarlet in the Avengers as well as Loki. I imagine they would want to use the D list characters that would never make the movies, enter Hercules.

Journey into Mystery #103 1st Enchantress and Executioner.
No idea if we are ever getting another Thor film so best to make good use of Enchantress in the MCU for tv. She would be a major character for both Loki and a Scarlet show. I think the one thing that’s going to tie the shows together is the world of magic in the Marvel universe.
Thor #137 1st Ulik.
Written up Ulik before he would be a good fit for a Loki antagonist. Cheap old book, my favorite kind of first appearance.
Journey into Mystery #97 1st Surtur, 1st Ymir.
Good book to own in general, most likely some Frost Giant storyline we’ll get in a Loki tv show.

Secret Wars #3 1984 1st Titania.
Titania is a good fit for a Loki show or the female team show. My guess is the team show will either be A Force or Female Asgardians Angela, Sif, Valkyrie, Enchantress. Hard to make an all female team when you exclude the women already a part of the MCU, So A Force or female Asgardians seems the best fit.

Journey into Mystery #118 1st Absorbing Man.
Titania’s husband and already a member of Marvel TV from the Shield show. Can make an easy jump into Loki’s show.

New Avengers #1 2013 1st Black Swan.
We need villains for Witch, while she has many over the years Black Swan would make a good one. Dollar binner all day.

Thor God of Thunder #2 1st Gorr
What better villain could be had for Loki than Gorr. The godkiller with the symbiote would make the show a home run and this book take off even more so.
Ironman #114 1st Arsenal.
Arsenal takes Scarlet Witch out at one point. Could see this as a storyline for the Scarlet Witch show at some point.
Fantastic Four Annual #23 1st Ahab.
Ahab will be making his way to this season of the gifted. Another dollar binner winner.

Savage She Hulk #1 1st She Hulk.
If the team show is A Force this book will blow up. Once a $10 book in NM not long ago, this book has already been a steady gainer.

A Force #1 first series 1st Singularity, 1st A Force.
Written this up before, hopefully you listened and bought the 1:25 Hans variant. Will be a $300+ 9.8 cgc book in no time if A Force is the female show.
Justice League #5 1st Dr. Destiny.
Dr Destiny will be the Arrowverse crossover villain this year. Book is already a bit pricey, because it was a bunk Justice League movie villain spec awhile back.
This list shows it’s time to start targeting characters with links to Loki and Scarlet Witch. Lots of cheap silver age 1st appearances that have potential to grow big with TV news, because of their age and scarcity. Will be interesting to see what the female team show will be, A Force with Nico Minrou does fit if its magic in the Marvelverse that will tie these shows together I believe. She Hulk would be awesome to see on TV as well. That’s it this week until next time, thanks for reading and happy hunting!

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  1. Great write up!! Some great SA books regardless if they make it to the small or big screen. Just solid investments overall, short and long term. Nicely done. 👍🏻

  2. Just a friendly critique….would be awesome to have pictures of the books you are referencing instead of links and pictures/gifs….otherwise, I love your mind and spec powers!!

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