Spoilers: Bodies Pile up in Heroes In Crisis #1

Heroes in Crisis #1 brings an all new crisis to the DC Universe. It starts off with a bang as well. Tom King stacks up the bodies in the first issue. Check out the spoilers below. The images have been redacted, the accompanying text has not. Click the spoiler warnings to see the spoiled images.

The body count starts early and adds up quickly.

And in case you didn’t recognize the mask it is….

Pretty gruesome death.
And then this pile.

Which includes…

Looks like Steel and a coupe others (please help identify if you know them.)
And then the big two…

Thanks to The Comic Regime for the last image and the heads up.

16 thoughts on “Spoilers: Bodies Pile up in Heroes In Crisis #1”

  1. I’d heard rumors about the last two.
    So even though I don’t like spoilers I had to click.
    I’m so disappointed in Dan Didio and DC. Hopefully it wasn’t Kings idea. But he’s almost as guilty for going along with it.
    I’m much more a Marvel person. But I had been buying a lot more DC since Rebirth. But you could tell they were going grim n gritty again.
    With the death of the guy in the last panel DC has officially undone one the best returns of Rebirth.

    1. I wouldn’t give King a pass of any kind with this at all. DC has let him tell the stories he’s wanted to and we haven’t heard anything about editorial making demands of him (i.e. the wedding, Nightwing’s injury). This is his story. if anything I’d say be disappointed this is the path he chose and not one at DC saw fit to say no. With John’s not

  2. Such a disappointment. Rebirth was so promising under Johns, and then Didio came and did this (or approved it). Unless there is a giant twist somewhere down the line in this series, I am afraid most of my reading will no longer consist of anything to do with DC.

    1. I suspect there will be some time travel retcon by end of the this story arc, making this whole thing have zero stakes by the time its over. But, I agree. I got back into reading comics because Johns’ Rebirth. The Easter eggs and mystery that were weaved into all the books was a lot of fun. Now it seems like DC has all but abandoned that story and turned everything over to King, Snyder’s convoluted cosmic stories, and Bendis (shudder). I think I my pull list will be thinning out.

  3. King is a master yarn spinner*. Don’t condem him yet.
    * – See: The Vision, Omega Men, Mister Miracle, and about 70% of his current Batman run.

      1. I can understand your opinion.
        Since King is playing a long game with Batman, and not a 12 issue maxi, we will have to see how he ties all 100 issues together. Seeing as how we are just over half way to that finale (assuming DC sticks to the plan) with issue 55 last week, I would not expect the threads to start merging until around issue 75.

      2. I agree, I gave King a chance on Batman and being behind on my readings, I’ve had zero desire to pick up the rest of them to read. I think I stopped right before the proposal issue and all the remaining issues are just stacked up just itching to be read, which likely won’t happen.

  4. Besides Dark Night Metals, the last few DC big event books all turned out to be dollar bin books. Convergence was just sad, even though I somewhat enjoyed reading it, the higher ratio variants I practically gave away for free when I tried to flip them.

    1. Yeah…pass. Especially since it’s another “crisis” book. Metal has been the only event books I’ve bought in like 10 years.

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