Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 205th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

72 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

      1. Another penis, like I said last week comic collecting will be changing to d*** pic collecting for some. Sad day when only way for DC to get back in the top 5 sellers list is draw a bunch of d****

        1. Im pretty sure that these Penis’ (penie?) were not in the solicitations. Therefore, the dicks really have no bearing on print runs or copies ordered by shops. DC isnt selling more copies because of these dicks. Shops may be, but not DC. So, its not as sad as a day as you’re making it out to be, Alana. Different strokes….

        1. The answer to the original question is pretty simple. The average person following this book are not paying attention to FOC or other things. They are “gut” buying the book as to not miss out. The demand is there so prices have gone up. Even if the supply is there it doesn’t matter. I think FOC may have actually passed. I would need to check in Diamond on it.

      1. I’m going to speculate right now. Marvel will put out a new swimsuit series this summer, and the variant issues will be their Nude heroes covers. 1 in 1000 for Spider-Man’s Lil’ web shooter. 1 in 500 for Thor’s Lil’ Mjolnir. 1 in 200 to see what’s under Iron Man’s Tool Belt. 1 in 800 for Captain America’s Flagpole.

  1. What is the best time to end a auction? I usually end mine around 5 or 6 pm. I got a stack of those free Batman White Knight issues from the other day.

      1. Yup, and if you can’t end them on Sundays, just make sure they end after 7pm on most other days as well. Most people are at work during day and can’t check auctions until they’re home or not working.

      2. Best time is Wednesday later the better. Depending where you live in the United States what time to have it end, east coast you want to shoot for 10-11pm or midnight that will allow the west coast to be done with dinner and Hawaiians to be home from work.🏝🌋

  2. Its a light week but I needed that Venom First Host 5 Garron. Its easy to get sick of Venom(not me personally) but man this one just screamed at me. Fearscape will be a read through.

  3. Light week for me:
    Stranger Things #1 Albuquerque variant
    Spidergeddon #0
    Batgirl #27 middleton
    Domino Annual #1 Cho
    Seen the Venom Annual Clayton Crain variant? fire!!!!!

  4. Good week for comics:
    Wonder Woman #55 (Frison cover)
    Batgirl #27 (Middleton)
    Doctor Aphra #24 (Boba Fett variant, $5)
    Spider Geddon #4 (Hamner variant, $4)
    Spider Geddon #0 (Lee variant-this cover looks awesome, $4)
    Spider Geddon #0 (video game variant 1:10, $6)
    Spec/P.C. pick ups this week:
    One of my regular shops got a early 2000’s DC collection in and I was able to go through a few of the boxes and score the following:
    Catwoman (all Adam Hughes covers each for $3 in NM grade): #58 (Zantanna cover), #74 (classic and my favorite Catwoman cover), #80, #77, #69 (Harley cover app), #72 (Zantanna cover), and #75. Was thinking about selling them off, but now that I’ve had a chance to look at them I think I’ll keep them for the PC.
    Batgirl #11 (Artgerm Clayface cover NM for $1)
    Was also able to snag Nameless #1-6 (Grant Morrison-James Gunn movie spec) for $11. Anyone read this story? Very trippy Morrison storyline. Had a chance to read it all the way through and would recommend it.
    Good hunting everyone.

    1. Thanks Alana. Finally that dumb rumor of Disney cancelling the movie can be laid to rest. Not that it will be any good, mind you, but it will at least release.

    1. Well. Yes. Kaine shoots Ben Reilly several times and he appears to die. Leading up to that great cover coming out next month. However, the title of the book is Ben Reilly so not sure how long he will stay dead.

  5. n.y.c.c. jacked as all hell. can’t wait to see everyone. if anyone needs a booth babe let me know if anyone needs anything and can’t make let me know the comicpimp has your hook up baby #testify love you all blind adam out

  6. Picking up Rick & Morty D&D (again, written by Patrick Rothfuss, so don’t sleep on these)
    The Frankenstein Comic Swap in Portland was another success this past weekend. Due to local road construction forcing everyone to walk to get there, I thought it would not be a good show, but I ended up making 3x what I normally bring in. That was due to selling some books I bring to get people looking and talking but wouldn’t have minded keeping. Those I price a bit above FMV, so if I do sell them, I’m OK with it. Some books that did sell:
    9.6 CBCS Wonder Woman 205
    4.0 CGC Stan Lee SS Spider-man 31
    8.5 CBCS Brave and the Bold 106
    Venom Space Knight issues
    1st & 2nd print of Marvel Now Point One
    Locke & Key 1 Dynamic Forces variant
    unsigned Monstress 1
    Web of Spider-man 1
    Marvel Tales 98 signed by Gerry Conway
    Anything Venom & Carnage
    Silver age books
    All of my Bob Burden back issues (like Mysterymen) except my 9.6 CGC Flaming Carrot 1
    Deadpool back issues
    Bratpack GN
    Every single one of my extra Portland Pickles Baseball bobbleheads (we have season tickets, so more bobbleheads than we need)
    I saw quite a few raw Spider-man 300s exchange hands. It was weird to see what was moving at times. The table next to me was briskly selling $5 grab bags with five random #1 comics. Runs and sets once again did not sell well, so I’ll have to contemplate breaking them up. I saw no interest in Walking Dead books at this swap.

    1. There is no interest in walking dead now at all. Completely selling the rest of my collection of walking dead books in the near future. I started and then tapered off.

      1. My TWD is almost all gone now. I have a few whisperer war connecting variant sets, 1 story arc of 6 books, and a few randoms like FCBD and Michonne Special. I am so happy to have them out of my collection. I despise Kirkman.

  7. I went through my PC the other week and I am officially purging all the variants I bought a few years ago from CX, Unknown et al. There is 1 CX venomized Catwoman that Im having a hard time letting go of.

    1. Auctions for Batman Damned regular cover already breaking $70 today. The gap between cover A and cover B is essentially gone. People who flipped at $30 have left a lot of money on the table.
      We sold roughly 45 copies at cover price Thursday night and Friday morning (knowing full well they were already $25-35 online). Made a few actual customers happy, but mostly flippers we won’t ever see again. Fourteen customers in a row that just bought the 1 copy of Batman Damned and nothing else.
      And you wonder why LCS’s pull hot books from the shelf rather than selling them at cover…
      This week we took some of the profits from Batman Damned and gave away Heroes in Crisis #1 to every DC sub we have. Take care of the people who take care of you.

      1. I admire your strategy on that, One guy. Kudos to a shop with long term perspective. Happy customers are return customers. Imo, all the individuals who bought solely the Damned book are not necessarily ‘flippers’. This book was as hot as it is because of the media attention it got in the US market. That exposure had a lot of non comic fans seeking that book. Creating this crazy, unusual demand. I suspect that some of those individuals who bought only Damned from you were regular joes who just wanted that book because they heard Seth Myers, or whoever, telling them it had Bruces dick in it, and that they dont have any intention of flipping the book to anybody. If they bought multiples or asked if they could buy multiples, those are your ‘flippers’. Imo.

      2. I got hooked up!!!! I was in the shop on Monday and lamenting the fact that I didn’t pick one up last week. I walked in today and my man Josh hooked me up cover B at cover price. Even bagged and boarded it for me.I was so excited that I didn’t even ask him where it came from. Now, do I sell that thing, or hold onto it. These are always tough decisions.

  8. I have officially given up on my quest to have every cover for Rick and Morty, they are getting worse than Marvel with all the variants. The D&D #1 crossover had almost thirty(30) covers. Today I got a Venom #1 cgc 9.8 and a Mad Max Furiosa cgc 9.8 for less than it would have cost to submit them myself.

  9. Not too many pick ups this week… Did Buy a She Hulk #1 in NM 9.2. A lot of them out there but that book has been selling steady for months now. Might as well pick one up before even low end near mints go over $100. Outside of that Took alana’s advice and picked up some A-force 1:25 variants. Cheap to cheap-ish depending on which ones ya get. Been looking at A-force for a while now but have to agree that Marvel will probably do something with the property at some time. You just know with DC doing Birds of Prey Marvel will want their own all girl team on the big or small screen at some point….and probably do it better.

      1. I did load up (a little anyway) on Birds of Prey firsts…even though I don’t expect the movie to be all that great there was still plenty of wiggle room to make a few bucks on it months back…probably till room if one looks for good deals. Some of those Amazon prices are pretty cheap compared to what they are selling for on Ebay so I might pick up another #1…Amazon is such a crap shoot though.

  10. Deathstrike 36B (Mattina cover) sold out everywhere…isn’t out until next week…isn’t Martina’s best work, it seems like shops may have cut back on this one…may be one to watch next Wednesday.

    1. i have looked for it everywhere for the last 2 weeks and i couldnt find it. you can preorder a cgc from….i had to resort to paying for a preorder from a guy in the UK.

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