Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 206th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?

82 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

    1. Option simply hold the rights to make a movie or TV show it does not guarantee something is going to be made that’s a separate announcement options happen all the time and usually expire after a year or two

    2. I think if someone put in some time and effort, that you could make a pie chart, or something of the sort, that represents the amount of titles that are optioned, how many turn into actual produced media and within what timefrane did the production happen after the initial option announcement. Of you had a big enough sample, I would think it would accurately show how few options actually turn into production. I think a blanket article lije that could sum up the ‘option’ quite succinctly. A lot of work though. 😉

      1. I could see that. I wonder what the percentage is?? I also wonder why when people hear optioned the market has an automatic “must have” mentality. 🤔🤔

        1. I believe that The Walking Dead is directly responsible for the must have mentality. Everyone wants that next rare 1st print TWD #1. That coupled with The Fear of Missing Out can be deadly (aka profitable for flippers).

      2. Right. Some books if I cant grab a few, I hesitate to quick flip occasionally because Im like ahhhhhh man what if its a Monstress or a Saga or as you said a Walking Dead. Spec life for life!

      3. Jay, you’re dead right about that fear of missing out. Look at the insanity of Batman Damned…the fear of missing out is a real motivator.

  1. Glad I got In contact with my shop early this AM about the Deathstroke and Witching Hour. Honestly might not even flip that Mattina cover if I can only get one. It’s seriously fierce. 👍👍

  2. Goin to nycc might grab some stuff to flip
    J scott return of wolverine
    Heroes in crisis foil , possibly other foils
    Nothing really stood out that i wanna buy and keep but you never know.
    Bought myself a mini folding camping chair for nycc. I like feel it will be my best investment

    1. I looked for that book for 2.5wks but couldnt find it anywhere. so i just bought on preorder from someone in UK for nearly cover. hope it stays hot

  3. anyone down to start a petition for a moratorium on any new titles/storylines named “Death of ____”? and while we’re at it how about we ask for a moratorium on all things wolverine for a while? you know, as penance for his DEATH OF “event”.

  4. Was able to get out early and get the following books today:
    Deathstroke #36 (Mattina X3-one for PC and the other to be sold)
    Witching Hour (Wonder Woman variant-my vote for cover of the week!)
    DieDieDie #3
    Star Wars (action figure variant)
    Cosmic Ghost Rider (Lim variant)
    Small spec pick ups this week:
    Elric White Wolf #1 (Cover B & C for cover each)
    Marvel Point One #1 (Marquez variant-1st Blindspot) X2 for cover-Poyo’s recent article made way too much sense not to at least pick up a copy or two and salt away for awhile
    Good hunting everyone!

      1. I saw it and that copies were going on eBay for $10+ and grabbed the best conditioned one the lcs had. If anything it’s a great cover. Is the artist at NYCC? Should be a popular signing copy.
        LCS had 4 copies so I’ll see how it does and maybe go back for more if it starts going up.

  5. will be at nycc. picking up the crisis #1 foil the mantina stranger things #1 variant getting a ton of stuff autographed and seting up a private signing and hiring cost. players all weekend long . deathstroke #36 getting them signed on Saturday. the bloddy princess figure the biggy smalls pop if your at nycc and see me buy a 50/50 from me rising money for a make a wish for my friends daughter as she needs a new heart will incude the link later love you all have a blessed and safe nycc week and keep the pimphand strong blind adam out

    1. These really tug at the old heart. Have a few young kids of my own so these are always tough to read, I have followed a few local children in my town that fought hard battles with cancer and eventually lost in the last couple of years…didn’t even reach age 10. So good for you, Adam, for being a hero and getting word out for this young lady. Will see what I can do.

  6. No Deathstroke 36B at my local two LCS. Picked up the A cover of Deadpool #5 as garbage pail kids are true nostalgia. Im impressed with dead rabbit #1. It has option written all over it. I could see many older actors wanting to pull on that mask (so a stunt man can do the sweaty stuff). On the discussion of options I went heavy on signed copies of Briggs Land #1 when released at time I was getting back into buying comics. That has gone very quiet on production news. I learned the hard way.

    1. To be honest, when option news comes out I will look to sell not buy. I hit a honey hole or two to try to find copies cheap to sell but it’s a buyers market before the option and a sellers market after

        1. Uncle Willie, I think that they will be in a rack or on the counter top at the snack station, or something like that. Ill bet that anyone will be able to grab them. Im thinking that you may not even need a ticket, just access to the lobby area.

      1. Just saw Venom. The books are free with purchase of a ticket. Not sure how many there will be though. Did not see an option to buy more.

      1. “Uncle Willie, I think that they will be in a rack or on the counter top at the snack station, or something like that. Ill bet that anyone will be able to grab them. Im thinking that you may not even need a ticket, just access to the lobby area. ”
        If that’s the case, they will go fast as many will try and lift more than one ..

      2. It all depends on the area. I have one theatre in a small town by me, that I think wont have many flippers looking to nab these books. Thats what im hoping for, anyway.

    1. Wouldn’t read into this critic too hard. They state that Black Panther was the best Marvel movie ever and then go on to criticize Venom.

      1. I generally agree with Rolling Stone reviews .. and, I loved Black Panther .. other critics are pretty harsh on “Venom” as well ..
        I’ll still go, although, I do have to say, the teasers they put out did not do much for me ..

      2. Don’t get me wrong I liked Black Panther, but its kind of like saying Ronald Reagan was the best President ever and here is my critique about (put a name here) president. Personally I have my doubts, but I really really want it to be good but I’ve been disappointment before (Spiderman 3 arghhhh). Rotten Tomatoes gave it a crap rating ( but I have seen some some good critques ( I guess we shall see.

    2. The venom reviews have me nervous, but I love the character so much that my bar will be very low. Much like suicide squad: I know it wasn’t a good movie, but I loved seeing these characters on the big screen enough that I still enjoyed it.

  7. This arrived for me today. It is/was my 1st CGC submission, ever. The book itself was scavenged from an old friends (who hasnt read comics in 25-30 years) comic collection from the early 90’s. I had it pressed by a local independent guy before I submitted it. In hindsight, I should have had CGC press it before grading. I think it comes back a 9.4 if I were to have done it that way. Live n learn. Still, not bad for a cover price pick up.

      1. Just for clarification, I didnt buy this for cover price. The owner, my aforementioned friend, bought it for cover on its release week.

  8. Picked up 2 copies of Deathstroke 36 variant & 2 copies of Witching hour WW variant. Witching Hour variant is inching up already – lowest BIN is $9.99 with $4 shipping and some have sold for $15-16 shipped. It’s a “wicked” cover ! — sorry for the pun 🙂
    Mattina Deathstroke undercutters were at $14.99+shipping, but now $17 is the lowest listed. I’m holding my copies for a few days b/c I think this will dry up.

      1. When I saw that Deadpool GPK homage, I instantly thought it would be a winner. GPK has big nostalgia factor for our generation, me thinks. I managed 6 copies so far.

  9. Picked up 2 Deathstroke 36 Mattinas, 2 Wonder Woman variants of Witching Hour, 2 Shatterstar 1’s (A), 1 Deadpool, 1 Lollipop Kids (B) and 1 Dead Rabbit incentive variant.

      1. I’d trade it for another Deadpool if I could… I think it’ll end up being the hit if the week. It’s between that and the Witching Hour WW cover.

  10. Let’s see…
    Death stroke 36B
    Deadpool 5 x3
    Wonder Woman Witching Hour B
    Batgirl 27 Middleton
    The mall 1 x2
    Passed on the green lantern and arrow foils. It was tough but they were sweet.

  11. Those DC Batman foil covers looked really fragile on the shelf. I heard complaints from staff at my LCS regarding problems putting them on display. I was trying to find out the print run size of Rags #1 regular cover the other day and decided to email the office manager of Antartic Press Douglas Dlin. I wasn’t expecting an answer but he replied ” I’m afraid I’m not certain of the total print run, but I believe it was in the neighborhood of 2500″. Rightly or wrongly i’m holding onto my copy.

  12. Well my LCS said they sold out of the DS Mattina and Witching Hour B. How does that happen considering I was there when the doors opened? They have always had a stack of the Mattina variants of DS but oh well. Let me quit complaining and here are my pickups:
    Batman blank
    X-men Black
    Witching Hour blank
    Barack Panther
    Cosmic Ghost Rider Lim
    Batman 56 Mattina (All the Foil was damaged at my LCS as well, plus this one is a cooler cover)
    Jook Joint 1
    Deadpool 5 (love it!)
    What if? Flash Thompson
    Spawn 290 BW
    Batman the Maxx
    TB What if Jane Foster
    Other than that I found Daredevil 196 and Daredevil 321-325 (almost full run of the Fall From Grace) in the 1$ bin.

    1. Im finding that a lot of shops are ‘sold out’ of each weeks hot books at opening, more and more. Even getting some pulls on Tuesdays is like pulling teeth with these shops it seems.

    2. I had the Fall from Grace story line in my long boxes from when I was a kid. I found them when I got back into comics a few years ago.

    3. I stopped into my lcs Tuesday after 4pm and they were putting out books…i assume if someone brought one to the counter they’d sell it. Waited a bit for them to put out some foils or DS36, but was taking too long. Went back today and no deadpool or Deathstroke.

  13. I have a question. I had a Border Town #1B listed as Buy it Now. It sold yesterday, but it says “Buyer has not Paid”. How can that happen with a Buy it Now? I can’t get a response from the buyer. Do I give him a couple days and relist? I’ve never seen this before.

      1. It shows a USA location. Alana may be correct that it’s an insufficient funds issue. Wish he would reply to my email. I’m flexible and would work with him or her.

  14. I received These Savage Shores by Vault Comics on Wednesday. Wasn’t expecting it until next week. It’s not listed at Midtown, but show’s it on their 10/10 listings with different cover. Did they release cover A and B on different weeks? Anyway I read it and it’s very good.

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