Mel V's Variant Picks for October 3rd, 2018

What up CHU? Mel. V back with more variants for you. Baltimore Comic Con is over, I am tired, and New York is a week away. Shout out to everyone who came up and talked to me at the con. You all made me feel like a celebrity. It never gets old having people come up and say hi and appreciate what we do. Anyway, here is what I am feeling this week. It is a big week.

Umbrella Academy Hotel Oblivion #1 Cover B Variant Gabriel Ba Cover
This is just one of those weird covers that catches the eye. At first I was like, I dunno, but now, with the TV show, I like it.

Barbarella #10 Cover H Incentive Justine Anderson Virgin Cover – There have been some crazy cool Barbarella covers. This is crazy and cool. Like a black light poster from the 70’s.

Wonder Woman And Justice League Dark Witching Hour #1 Cover B Variant Riccardo Federici Cover – Out of nowhere Riccardo Federici pops up with a creepy and good looking witched out Wonder Woman. This guy has some talent.

Cosmic Ghost Rider #4 Cover C Incentive Superlog Variant Cover – What a funny cover. This had me laughing. Everything is cosmic. Superlog putting the comic in comic book.

Deadpool Vol 6 #5 Cover A Regular Nic Klein Cover – Man, taking it old school in the homage. Garbage Pail Kids. Not often you see an A cover on the list. Not many of these on ebay. None really at the time of writing. This could be a sleeper or a surprise flip this time tomorrow.

Superior Octopus #1 Cover C Incentive Giuseppe Camuncoli Variant Coverr – Awesome looking cover. Just liked it when I saw it.

Barack Panther #1 Cover C Variant Silver Screen Foil Cover – Very popular president featured on an homage to Black Panther. Sorry, not sorry, I am all over this.

Deathstroke Vol 4 #36 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover – The Cover of the week here. Grab it, flip it, enjoy the profits. Already selling for many times cover price, and you cannot go wrong with that.

11 thoughts on “Mel V's Variant Picks for October 3rd, 2018”

  1. Damn, Trchump lost the pooular vote by several millions and his books sell. I can only imagine how well Barack Panther (great title) will do given his immense fan base. Barack ­čĺ»

    1. love hans’ covers and that’s a good one. if a-force comes to the screen my a-force #1 hans variant 9.8’s will hopefully pay off. but of course i’ll still keep my raw copy for the pc.

    1. first thing i thought i saw when i looked at that cover was a dong protruding from his mouth but it appears to be an optical illusion caused by the lollipop on the tip of the tongue.

  2. anyone see the derek charm variant for star trek vs transformers #1 from last week? can’t think of a cover in recent memory that composed such a solid aesthetic style — it’s classic, campy, and nostalgic on all the right levels!

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