Poyo's Spec and Drek for October 10th, 2018

Now that NYCC is in the not so distant past, it’s now time to get back into the groove of the weekly picks once again.

It looks like the DC Foils are selling out at online retailers so these should be on everyone’s watch list but with the issues we saw last week, there could be some huge disappointments when no one can find anything worthy of calling NM. so with that said, let’s get on with the picks shall we.
DC/Vertigo Pick
If you can find one that’s not all banged up with damage, this is the cover to grab this week. That would be the Suicide Squad #47.
Sure some of the others are selling out online but I think most will be seeking out these Mattina Harley Quinn covers. Most couldn’t find or possibly afford the last Mattina Harley Quinn cover he did Heroes In Crisis #1 which was a higher ratio variant so fans will be grabbing these up is my speculative guess.
This can also be a nice replacement for those that missed out on the limited NYCC Heroes in Crisis foil variant that was being offered from Graphitti Designs. Every time we swung by the booth they were sold out, which was hard to believe since they were limiting them to just 2 per customer.
Marvel Pick
Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #25 is my Marvel pick this week.
Not sure if there’s going to be a death or not but this cover is just really cool looking and that’s why I’m picking it.
It might heat up, it might not. Either way pick it up if you enjoy the cover art.
I’m not even sure how many fans there are for this particular Spider Series but we all do know one thing, people love books that have firsts, deaths and marriages (which I’m still not sure why on the marriage one).
Venom #7 and What If Punisher #1 are the other books I’m gonna mention to keep an eye out for.
Indie Pick
Last month we saw Elric the White Wolf heat up to be an easy $20-$30 flip, particularly the B and C covers.
Well issue #2 is already selling out at online retailers since we all know issues after #1 usually always dip in print runs as most retailers don’t go heavy after a debut issue not knowing who’s going to continue after such issue.
So grab a copy if you find one, could be an easy flip. If you can’t flip it, then just read the darn thing unless you didn’t pick up #1.
Small Publisher Pick
I’m not crazy about Alex Di Campi’s writing but I do love me some Judge Dredd.
So this weeks pick goes to Judge Dredd Final Judgement out from Rebellion (2000AD).
We’ve seen these heat up in the past, particularly around the time when the independent movie came out but despite the chance these do heat up, these have been great reads for one-shots or two issue mini-series in the past.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
This week is an easy avoid pick. It goes to Spider-Geddon #1. Do I need to explain further or is it very obvious for several reasons? The amount of covers, one of the long time writers for Amazing is back for this event title and well, Spider-Verse literally was a dud of an event.
Unless some new character emerges, I don’t expect much from this Spider-Verse 2.0. Same concept, new name.

8 thoughts on “Poyo's Spec and Drek for October 10th, 2018”

      1. Really? I was looking over the covers at Midtown Times Square and a lot of the others were not in the greatest of shape.

  1. that heroes in crisis #1 foil was gone by Friday morning . s.s. #47 will be a monster . the foils are tough to find in high grade was hoping after being around for two years they would inproved the quality of them #testify blind adam out

    1. Yeah, those they definitely ran out quickly. Which makes me wonder, when did they do the 2 per customer limit? They must of added that after someone gobbled up a huge amount cause I thought they were out once on Thursday as well at one point.

  2. Part of the problem, IMO, with these fairly delicate Foils is Diamonds change to a big bubble box filler .. they even sent out a survey on how it was working .. I’ve complained to my Rep twice that, compared to the old way of packing the box cavity with paper, the bubble filler just lets the books slide around too much ..
    It’s not just effecting the Foils .. my damage rate has gone from under 10% to at least 20% .. it’s tough when quite a few of my Customers look for as pristine a copy as possible .. and, as we all know, these days, if a book won’t do at least a 9.6, collectors will pass in many cases ..
    As books gradually increased in price since the 1970’s, now hitting $3.99 and up regularly, the first thing we do on New Comic Day now is board and bag everything .. and, I ask that if a customer needs to look at the interior, bring it to the counter .. I know it’s a hassle for people, but, with damage in shipping going up, limited to no re-ordering available on some books, damage replacements limited to none, and Customers that demand the highest possible quality, what can you do .. ??
    A far cry from the old days when wire racks and magazine racks just contained the raw comics ..
    Sometimes, at 74, I think I’m just getting too old for this Business .. 😉 .. but, it’s still a Labor of Love ..

    1. I worked at Diamond in the mid 90’s. I was a book “picker” that would placed the books at my tables into a box. That box would roll down a conveyor. The box would be pushed off the conveyor to a packer. I always made sure to place great conditined books into those boxes. I also made sure as I set up my pulling section which covered about 15 titles, Magazines, Toys,, etc. I only choose the best to pull. Anything damaged was diagaurded and or given out to employee at a High Discount. The books when I packed where “crossed” stack. Spines on one side of the box inside and then I would change the stack on the prior lower stack by having the Spines on the other side. When this was done for both locations within the box at a certain weight a divider was placed within the box, separating both stacks. This helped stability and protection during Transit. Box was then filled with crunched up paper to secure the books inside, covers closed and taped. This process I know is not being done. From what I read all over FB posts and sellers it’s a huge problem at Diamond not the printers.

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