Secret Six Coming to TV at CBS

DC Comics’ Secret Six has been given a pilot production commitment for CBS Deadline is reporting.  Which team will be the question. 

Much like the Suicide Squad Spec, it came down to which incarnation of the team it would be that made the difference.

The first appearance of Mockingbird and Secret Six was in the 1968 Secret Six #1 series. A second team appears in Action Comics #601. The most current incarnation of the team formed in Villains United #1.

CBS has given a pilot production commitment to Secret Six a drama based on the DC characters from Suits executive producer Rick Muirragui, Bill Lawrence’s Doozer Productions and Warner Bros TV where the company is based.

Written by Muirragui, Secret Six centers on six morally ambiguous strangers, each with their own unique specialties and secret pasts, who are brought together by an enigmatic figure who blackmails them into working as a team to expose the corruption of the corporate and political elite.

Muirragui executive produces with Doozer Productions’ Lawrence and Jeff Ingold.


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5 Responses to Secret Six Coming to TV at CBS

  1. OC_Guy says:

    It’s about time we got a Secret Six TV show!!! Actually I don’t know much about this team, but I did jump on the bandwagon and got me some cheap first appearances.

  2. JT Rodgers says:

    Sweet! Got most of the keys for this.

  3. Jason S says:

    Hasn’t Gail Simone already announced that her version is in development?

  4. Shines says:

    Sounds like it’s the original 60s version, not the supervillain team. It also sounds exactly like the show Leverage.

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