Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of October 17th, 2018

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of October 17th, 2018.
Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.
So what’s grinding my gears?

15 Years of Walking Dead
Anyone buy into those polybagged blind variants of reprints? I hope you all didn’t spend too much of your hard earned cash on trying to put an entire set together if you did. Talk about a total desperate cash grab by Kirkman and Image.
Wait long enough and I’m sure you’ll find sets for dirt cheap for those still on the Walking Dead bandwagon.
The real dislike though is the horribly botched homage #1 job by Adlard for issue #1 and for all the retailer incentive covers. That cover is just horrible, probably one of the worst of the year.
God Country Optioned
God Country was and is still a great book and read. It’s nice to see it get a media option. Although options are never guaranteed.
Not sure how this one will pan out though. I really don’t see it being a movie or a TV show to be honest. It’s good enough sticking as just printed entertainment but only time will tell.
It will be interesting to watch the market for this book if they move forward with any production on this book. We saw this book heat up on it’s own and now the heat caused it to double and triple it’s initial peak value due to the option.
One book I do see from Donny Cates as a more ideal television show would be Redneck. Since Redneck is more of an ongoing story line, that one I could see as a decent Netflix or Hulu show if done right.
Nailbiter Optioned As Well
Nailbiter is another Image book I read from the very beginning to end that recently got optioned along with a few other Skybound titles. We saw Thief of Thieves get another option, Darkness and Think Tank. I’m not so optimistic about Thief of Thieves.
I didn’t think the ending was all that spectacular but I thoroughly enjoyed this story for the majority of the series.
I felt it dragged out towards the ending and could have been a shorter run to get the point across but as a possible TV show, this has potential I think.
They could do a whole lot with Nailbiter as a series with plenty of spin off type shows or stories with serial killers.
So mark this as a like this week. I just hope the option doesn’t die and it becomes forgotten fast like a lot of book options are destined to become.
J. Scott Campbell Releases Limited Edition that is literally the same Limited Edition Exclusive at NYCC
Nothing really grinds my gears when publishers or creators create limited editions on crud they already released.
It was recently made aware that J. Scott Campbell released a limited 300 print run of his Return of Wolverine that is a Glow in the Dark cover, essentially the same cover already used for Marvels exclusive book at NYCC 2018 two weekends ago.
It’s the limited Artists Edition and signed by Campbell. It’s basically the same book, with a different serial number and signed with a goofy COA from Campbell himself.
So the same book that retailed for $25, Campbell turned around and had 300 copies set aside so he could sign, give them a new AP # of 1 – 300 and sell for $100 each.
Talk about a dick punch move. Actually, I’d rather get punched in the dick than give Campbell $100 for this book.
Poyo says boycott this book from Campbell (and the secondary market) and buy the NYCC limited if you really want a copy. If you bought this from his store for $100, you literally paid a $75 premium for a serial number, autograph and a COA. Buy the regular NYCC edition, get it signed and you literally have the same thing at a fraction of the cost it will likely have cost you directly from Campbell or the secondary market.

That’s all I got this week. What’s grinding your gears?

13 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of October 17th, 2018”

    1. The winner ended up being Return of Wolverine along with a few of the ash cans. Sadly this year just wasn’t as exciting as the past 2 years. Been trying to write up a few other things but some just aren’t that exciting to be honest.
      Sadly I had more fun site seeing this go round than attending the convention.

  1. I’m with you on both Walking Dead 15th anniversary sets and the J Scott reuse of NYC . I’m a Walking Dead fanatic but I didn’t buy any of these polybagged crap. From what I’ve seen posted almost all the covers looked like complete garbage. Kirkman can do what he wants with his property but this was an awful way to celebrate 15 years of the book. J Scott personal cover sales from his own site have been grinding my gears for awhile. He’s been repackaging his own covers to get collectors to fork out money for three, four, and sometimes 8 covers of basically the same stock image and now he’s even repackaging a con variant by just adding his signature and adding $75 to the price. Insane. To each their own I know it sold out on his website in like 5 min people just love this stuff.

    1. I think most were flippers though hoping to bank on top of Campbell price gouging himself. That’s the really sad part about it all. That’s why I say don’t buy the Campbell AP1-300 limited edition, buy the NYCC exclusive, it’s the same thing without the hefty price tag.

    1. I like his non-MJ drawings to be honest. Everything else about him I dislike. I’m so tired of his crappy big boobed poses with the same face.. now I dislike his incentive variants he sells is just regurgitated covers. It really is just a dick punch move by him when he does such things.

  2. thothe 15th ann. blind bags are great for selling at walker stalker conventions perfect for s.s. with walking dead cast and for stuffing mystery boxes with . the way to make monety witht he limited 300 c.o.a. j.s.c. book is buy it at $100 then get it redlabeled by cbcs then resell it for $300 and that is how you serve up a pimphand of doom #testify see my post above love you all blind adam out

    1. Can we stop with the “pimp hand of doom” nonsense?
      I know it’s part of your ‘persona’ but I find it extremely annoying and hard to take anything you say seriously. The ‘pimp-xxxx’ has been going on over a year (or whenever you started posting… maybe longer?) and it has only become more grating.
      From everything I have read, you appear to have a desire to be a player in the comic world/social media scene. You have the knowledge but your ‘flipsy-whatever’ and ‘pimp-this/that’ is holding you back. Time to grow-up.

      1. thank youf or the #awesomesauce words.loving the feedback sir. tell me how does it hold me back??have a blessed day blind adam out

    1. Wait long enough and you’ll find them for a fraction of the price. It’s just too risky, I’m done spec’ing on WD though, it’s dead meat for the most part.

  3. I dislike unknown comic books at the moment. I’ve ordered through them regularly for the past year and they would send me a notice they were shipping my books the Wednesday or Thursday they came out. Now the part month I’ve only gotten 2 notices and I have 3 others that should have shipped between 7-14 days ago.
    Comics show up NM but not sure what happened recently. When I inquired about it they spit some “we typically ship books 7-10 days after the latest release date in the shipment.” Ok, but why did my 20 previous orders get shipped in 1-3 days?
    Anyways, not recalling hating on UKCBs, but it’s been grinding my gears lately, that’s for sure…

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