Middlewest from Skottie Young and Jorge Corona – Advanced Sneak Peak Preview

This is a book I’ve been anticipating since I learned of it’s existence. I’ve been provided an advanced copy for review and I must say, it lived up to my expectations.

You can sense there is a lot of personal experiences intertwined into this story by Skottie Young (known for his Marvel baby covers and his other hit series I Hate Fairyland). He was even quoted as into saying “At the heart of it all are a lot of personal experiences I’ve had growing up in the Midwest and the struggles of dealing with a broken home and the anger on all sides that goes along with that.”
Struggles of a father and son relationship kicks this story off. Kids acting like kids getting into trouble is only the beginning of this wild mystery wrapped fantasy world from Young’s mind.
I found this first issue very intriguing and now I’m yearning to see where this story about Abel takes us next. Jorge Corona artwork is spot on as well which is just an extra added bonus for this new upcoming series from Image Comics.

All images courtesy of Image Comics.

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