Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 86

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up family. First of all thank you everything. Thank you for reading this each week, thank you all for the friendship, support, and advice. Thor #6, Daredevil #609, JLA Dark #4, Aquaman #41, and Venom Annual #1 were my reads of the week. Daredevil Season 3 is #awesomesauce. I am really digging The Gifted, The Flash, Titans, and Supergirl as well. OK, let’s make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that.
1. Spiderman vs the Kingpin Sega CD – Yes, this is not a comic book. However it is a classic video game on a classic system. People grade video games nowadays and vintage games go for big money. This is a classic Spiderman game and the first time the Kingpin Wilson Fisk was in a game $50-200
2. Daredevil #229 -first Sister Maggie, Maggie Murdock. This issue is part of Born Again, the must read, must collect, Daredevil story. One of them anyway. This issue introduces Matt’s mom, sister Maggie, just watch the show on Netflix $10
3. Marvel Knights Daredevil #2 J Scott Campbell Variant -OK normally Campbell plus cover art equals money that is the way comic book math works right? So why is the twenty year old cover that has J Scott Campbell plus the Black Widow only a $10 book?
4. Daredevil Guardian Devil TPB – another must read must collected Daredevil story. Written by the greatest film maker & comic book writer in history, Kevin P. Smith. This story saved Daredevil from being canceled and brought Daredevil into the mainstream. This also features Sister Maggie, bullseye, watch the trailer or the series and then read issue #5. Mysterio really messes with horn heads head in this story and well will not spoil it but Mysterio is insane and awesome these issues are cheap $10-25 for #1 and $3-10 for most of the others the trade has a sweet forword by Ben Afleck as well the first print of the trade is an easy $30-50
5. Amazing Heroes #2 – gives the history of the Teen Titans. Classic fanzine magazine size books get little love they do sell magazine bags boards and boxes. People, all Titans books will see a price spike as the show despite the haters is a great and fun ride $10
6. New Teen Titans Annual #2 – origin of Brother Blood. Brother Blood is the big bad in the live action Titans show this is his origin. It is a cheap pick up $2-5. His first appearance in New Teen Titans #21 is still approachable and a good pick up.
7. Legion of Superheroes #62 (Volume 4) -First cover Barry’s granddaughter. Xs, Barry’s granddaughter on the show joins the Legion her first appearance in Legionnaires #0 is blowing up. I see her becoming a cosplay all-star and a fan favorite, so picking up her first few appearances is a smart play $5
8. Marvel Tales #190 – reprints Amazing Spiderman #50 the Kingpin is the amazingly best villain on Netflix this is a cheap way to get his first appearance $5-10
9. Amazing Spiderman #197 – final silver age Wilson Fisk. The Kingpin, after this, appears in Daredevil #170. I do love the cover of the Kingpin standing over Spiderman like he is going to step on his head just a classic $10
10. My Little Pony #29 Hot Topic Exclusive Wrestling Variant. If you’re a bronie say it loud, if you’re a bronie say it proudly. Yes, I Blind Adam, am a bronie #testify. And I would love to see a fight between My Little Pony and the Garbage Pail Kids in a steel cage that would be epic. This is the Applejack as Hulk Hogan cover just a fun cover $30, and if you haven’t seen the awesome Garbage Pail Kids Stranger Things cards from NYCC, they are awesome mashups.
11. Batwoman #0 (Pre-New 52 series) – Between the images for the crossover and watching Batman Bad Blood. I am jacked for a live action Batwoman. When looking for Batwoman to buy and sell, everyone is after the new 52 series. Everyone is after New 52 #7 and #11, however this #0 is perfect for a price spike. I also see Batwoman getting more cosplay love. If done right, I can see Batwoman being in the top five cosplayed characters in the industry $5
12. Witchblade #80 eBay exclusive – There have been a bunch of eBay exclusives the past couple of years, but the first one came out 14 years ago with this 80th issue of Witchblade. Cool and low print run. While I was looking for this, I found cheap CGC 9.8 Marvel Legacy #1 eBay exclusives.
Well that is it for this week. Thank you all or being the greatest blessing in my life. Love you all. Time to go feed the fish, so until next week
Blind Adam out

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  1. Nice list!
    Also Legionnaires #0 has a pretty rare Zero Hour UPC variant. That’s the one to look for.
    Batwoman #0 also has a variant issue…
    I believe it is a 1:10.
    Happy hunting!

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