Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of October 24th, 2018

It’s that time again, where I tell you what’s really grinding my gears for the week of October 24th, 2018.
Some weeks it’s mostly likes, other weeks it’s dislikes.
So what’s grinding my gears?

Mars Attacks
This makes me happy. Mars Attacks is back with a new volume out from Dynamite. I’m not a huge Dynamite fan or reader but this might sway me into coming back.
Mars Attacks has seen a few other publishers over the years starting with Topps (yes, they published comics) and the last volume published by IDW.
This franchise actually started out as trading cards back in 1962 from Topps which brought forth great controversy from parents due to concerns of violence and indirect sexuality nature depicted.
I haven’t actually read any of the past volumes but I’ve always loved the artwork depicted for the aliens over the years. The glass helmets with their big exposed brains, just pure alien silliness but still pure awesomeness.
I think the Coleman variant this week will have to go down as my favorite cover for this week out of all the new comics. Just love the alien hovering over Earth, displaying their dominance over us weak earthlings as they plan for invasion and conquering.
Neal Adams on Rumored Royalty Changes
So apparently Neal Adams chimed in on some supposed changes that Marvel and DC are rolling out on Bleeding Cool (I know, I know, but I came across the article while browsing Comic Book news and just had to click it to find out what he was complaining about). They’re proposing that 10 years after death, the royalties for creative work ends. From what I’ve read it’s not confirmed policy yet.
Neal Adams is claiming this will hurt families of published creators. Why is this such a concern? I say if you want to own the copyright and royalties owed for many years after your death of the work you did, do it all yourself.
It might sound harsh to some but if I created something while working for a company, why does the company owe my family royalty handouts on something they didn’t directly do, create or work on themselves? I work in the tech industry and I sign NDA and invention disclosures all the time. If I make something while working for XYZ Company, they own it and they have every right to it as they see fit. If I didn’t like that, I shouldn’t sign it and I’ll go elsewhere for work.
I’ve actually worked with people who quit because they came up with an idea that they didn’t want the company they worked for to own at the time.
So Neal Adams, I think you’re wrong if you think a publisher owes big fat royalty checks to your family for work you’ve done while employed by such publisher. Perhaps your family members shouldn’t depend on your success and royalty checks.
I also find this ironic coming from the guy who charges $50 for around 5 seconds of work for him to sign his signature on a book or piece of artwork.
Foil Covers
After the past few weeks of DC foil covers, I’ve decided I just really don’t like them anymore at least as a collector. I think it’s a cheap gimmick to boost sales of books. Why not just focus on good artwork and great writing to sell books.
We certainly resemble our relation to raccoon’s if we are drawn to shiny things and that’s all these are, shiny things to make us buy and feel special about our purchase, as if it’s filling some empty void that normal comics don’t provide to us.
Comics are meant to be printed on paper, lets leave it at that please. Of course I throw all this argument out the window when it comes to selling foil cover books to you raccoons if I can buy cheap and flip at a nice profit. I’m not only Secret Agent Poyo, I’m Evil Agent Poyo.
Brian Michael Bendis is Ruining Superman
Superman’s love interest is Lois Lane (and that’s likely never going to change) but I’m so tired of the soap opera that seems to surround Bendis’s writing and stories. I don’t need entire issues or story arc’s that “redefine” Superman’s relationship with Lois.
He, as in Bendis, really should just go write day time soap shows.
I want the kick ass Superman. Anyone remember Superman Unchained by Snyder? No love stories or mushy romantic crap, just good ‘ol Superman kicking some ass. That’s what will get me reading Superman again. You hear me DC? I think you should fire Bendis, he makes me want to run away from your books, not read them.
I’ve given Superman plenty of chances since I started reading comics once again but I don’t even want to bother when I read the descriptions for the titles that Bendis has taken over.

A lot of dislikes this week. I guess I’m grumpy cause it’s just been a super busy week with lack of sleep.

50 thoughts on “Things I Like and Dislike for the Week of October 24th, 2018”

  1. Love the article great work. But I love the bendis run. I hated hated Superman and now I love the book. I don’t care about his relationship with Lois lane I’m interested in what is happening with zarr and the phantom planet so I think we’re reading two different books. Because I can’t wait for every new issue to come out that and action comics to its got me hooked tofind out what happens next. And I hated Superman always thought he was wearing his underwear on the outside of is outfit. Foil cover suck but what can you do when the b covers suck too. Grab the lesser of the two evils.

    1. I’ll admit, I’m not reading anything Bendis anymore. Just tired of his writing and think he’s overrated. I’m basing my dislike on the descroptions of the books. If theres other story lines going on, they really only seem to emphasize on the relationship aspect from what I’ve read.

      1. I hate to call you out but why would you write an author off and say you don’t like his work on a particular run if all you have been doing is reading the summations. Doesn’t seem like your doing your fans a service. If you had read them and disliked them that’s one thing but if you haven’t gen read one then tell me what you think. You may have read other books but not this one so again things change artists and writers grow I wouldn’t just say you don’t like something because of the summaries it’s not fair to your fans.
        Fools suck and the b sucks then don’t get any another cop out my man what if there a storyline your involved in and or a first appearance you want your going to get one aren’t. I’m not trying to be argumentative this just bothered me and I need to say something. I have nothing against you or anyone here just putting myself out there.

        1. One could also argue that some base their decisions on buying a book based on the descriptions or summaries provided. For those that don’t have the access to skim the book in person and buying it online, these summaries are all we can rely on.
          Summaries for books are the logical first step before reading reviews before someone makes an educated decision with any purchase.
          With that said, I’m basing some of my stance as well on Bendis past writing as well.
          One should also realize that there are some Bendis fans that see him doing no wrong ever. I don’t know though, I’ve given him plenty of chances and I think he’s overrated. I’m just not a fan and probably never will be.
          And for the record, I had no idea I had fans. One should realize that this column, the Things I Like and Dislike is purely opinion based for the most part and should not be used for buying, selling and fipping comics.

          1. Well you are posting something for people to read who follow you so to think you don’t have fans is ridiculous. Sorry. I don’t care about bendis just started reading comics. But I am interested in opinions to help me guide my purchases and when someone says that don’t like bendis run on Superman and then in the same sentence they said they didn’t read any of the run just the summaries. Then that Is just sad to me. Means people are following your advice or your “opinion” but are getting a disservice because you disnt actually come to that opinion from reading the material yourself. i never mentioned once about speculating, buying or flipping books, so let’s not shift the focus.

            1. Fair enough but this is an opinion piece still.
              No where did I say don’t buy or don’t read the book either. I expressed my opinion that I think if Bendis is going to shift the focus of the book to Superman’s love life, he’s going to ruin Superman based on the summaries alone. That’s the point I was trying to make.
              I’ve read enough Bendis to know where this road might lead to. If you are new to comics like you said, maybe you like the soap opera that mixes in with superheroes. Me, not so much. I can care less who Superman is dating or sleeping with if he’s off kicking butt as a superhero.
              Anthony has fans for the record.

              1. That makes sense about Anthony. Opinions are like b holes they all stink we all have them. I appreciate your work but it’s sad that you would offer an opinion on something without trying it first. No worries on that I won’t bother you anymore about it. Also there is quite a few things going on in Superman but you’d have to read it to find out. New to comic collecting yup new to comics nope been in it since I was 8 I am 35 now but I know a lot about a little and I wouldn’t make an opinion about something unless I knew about it especially if other people are going to be reading it. Thank you for your candor what bother you again.

                1. So again, let me re-iterate what my opinion was based on because I think you’re jumping further down the line saying I’m doing a disservice to readers when I feel I fully made clear why I wasn’t reading Bendis Superman current books.
                  I actually stated that I have no interest in reading Bendis’s run on Superman based on the actual description summary they provided. If I am missing out, so be it.
                  Now, if I did an entire review on the comic and then said I didn’t even read it, I would feel your point in saying I provided a disservice to readers would be valid. I stated my opinion and made clear what my opinion was based on. If that’s not clear, it should be totally clear now.
                  And you’re not bothering me, I love feedback, any and all.

                2. How about agree to disagree shake hands move forward more comics out there than Superman and bendis and much better writers for sure.

                3. I can’t agree to disagree though on a certain level. I made my point clear in my article, I don’t think I created a disservice to readers. I made it very clear what I was basing my opinion on. If one assumes that I read them all and to not buy, then that’s their fault for such assumptions. I also never said to not buy or read. My opinion stated that I feel Bendis is ruining Superman.

                4. That’s cool man I was willing to do it and put my opinion aside but if you can’t no worries. Keep up the work. Again it was just my opinion that your creating a disservice (sounds familiar)

                5. It’s all good. I just want to make sure no others feel they are being mislead. Clarifying my opinion and what it was based on I think was pretty clear. If people feel I provided a disservice to them, that was not the intended goal.

            2. Also, right in my article I even stated “I’ve given Superman plenty of chances since I started reading comics once again but I don’t even want to bother when I read the descriptions for the titles that Bendis has taken over.”
              I hope people read my advice and opinions but also draw their own conclusions on things they like and don’t like. Don’t let me or anyone you read decide what you want to buy, read and like.

              1. Not an issue. You provide guidance well you did. And helps me determine what I want to read so I can share with my kids when they get older. They well have a collection that will make them happy and hey can share with there kids not a bunch of crap covers with no content.

      1. See that’s why I read you guys all the time. (Phantom zone I said phantom planet) my bad. We can’t all like the same people that would be boring.

  2. I totally agree with you on the Neal Adams thing. To be honest he really didn’t create a lot of great characters, but instead revamped and worked on existing stuff. Not saying I don’t like his work, and he is a legend in this game, but I would wager that if he constantly had to cut his earnings on Batman, Green Lantern, etc. to pay the family members of people who actually created them he might be singing a different tune.

    1. Neal has done some great artwork, but the guy comes off as a total ass in my opinion. I have seen interviews of him and I am not at all impressed by the way he carries himself. I will never pay for a Neal Adams signature, NEVER!

  3. I don’t mind the foils. I like dc experimenting a bit. They seemed to have some popularity as convention exclusives so I think they were trying them out with the regular issues. I would have preferred them to be he killer B covers as I think the art has been better. They tries something similar with the lenticular covers and had some positive feedback.
    At least the foils were open orders and the art released before FOC.

  4. Generally, with some exception, for any writer / artist, the Royalty Checks after the fact are not Big nor Fat .. I’m sure Marvel and DC would love to go back to the days of no Royalty at all ..
    What about Actors that get a slice of a films profit .. ??
    Jack Kirby was a work for hire and had no rights to Captain America, The Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, the original X-Men and the Universe of other characters he played a pivotal part in bringing to life .. a long Legal Battle after Kirby’s death eventually helped rectify the issue ..
    Of course, then there is writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster ..
    This is also one of the reasons Image was formed, among other Publishers ..
    It’s a little deeper than just a Neal Adams gripe ..

    1. Neal Adams is about his money. Talk to him for 5 seconds and you’ll see a master businessman. He also played a pivotal role in getting Siegel and Shuster paid for Superman as well. Neal Adams created Rhas al ghul havok, talia al ghul and some of the most printed covers in dc history. I can understand him wanting to leave a legacy for his family.

      1. Legacy for family sure.. but that’s when one takes their income and invests it wisely to leave to family. They shouldn’t depend on their past employers to keep sending their family checks on work they didn’t directly contribute to. 😉

    2. Oh I’m sure it’s deeper but my primary argument is, why does one’s family deserve royalty checks well beyond the actual employee or ex-employees death? I think all artists are due credit while they’re working for company XYZ but why is it expected the family gets residual income by just being associated or related with the employee? That’s what I can’t stand behind.
      If I create patent Z at company Y and it makes the company millions of dollars well beyond my death, why should my kids or wife continue to get paid by company Y for such profits or revenue generated from my work, not their own? I’m pretty liberal on most things but this just baffles me if people expect such payouts by not actually doing any of the work themselves.

        1. Understood, but Leaving a Legacy is beyond just payments to me. If you’re going to leave a legacy of your artwork and creations for future generations to view, see and admire, great.
          If you want to leave a legacy of.. “where’s my money for me and my family”.. well, that’s not much of a Legacy to me. 🙂

      1. I’ll add .. the Estates of folks like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and a host of others pretty well operate under the same general idea .. not exactly the same, yet the same general principal ..
        The bequeathing of a Creators Legacy should be considered as part of the Estate of the Creator ..
        Like Music, a Royalty is only paid when the particular character, etc is actually used .. and, in many cases, it is a small piece of the action .. and naturally decreases over time .. unless you’re Elvis, Michael Jackson, Prince, etc ..
        I simply don’t think it’s going to harm Marvel or DC financially .. yet, it does help encourage new Talent considering entering the Profession .. it’s an added incentive for folks to give being a Creator a shot ..

        1. Oh for sure. I just take the approach of, if I don’t like what I’m signing, either I renegotiate or I just go elsewhere.
          Honestly if I chose to create something I knew was going to be big, I’d just want to own it all myself. Why do it as an employee under an employer that will likely reap all the benefits from you? I think a company paying ones family for 10 years after their death for creative work they did as an employee is more than generous.

      2. It really is a tricky case. I’m all about giving credit when credit is due, but comics are so much different than music. Comics are bought, might get a few extra printing, and that’s it. If at some time down the road a certain comic is reprinted, used in a commercial, shown on film. or in the case of an “original character”, etc. then the case is more plausible for some royalties, granted a contract agreed to such. But if royalties are going to be more loosely given then there would be no batman, superman, spiderman, or really any long existing characters because the cost would be too outrageous for a business due to such “royalties”, which is why this whole thing is kind of dumb. Does Neal give an X amount of money of every book he signs when there are characters in there he didn’t create? No.

  5. I agree with your POV on the Neal Adams thing to a point. I do not think it should live on for perpetuity, but its a grey area for me when you think a creator who creates something new and powerful like say Snyder’s Court of Owls, could end within 10 years if he passed away suddenly. He has young children and maybe a stay at home wife… doubt his immediate family has made personal sacrifices for his success. And this is a part of Batman now, that I think Creators in the future will love to extend and put their own spins on it. While nether my wife nor I our in a position where we create intellectual property we certainly make sacrifices for each other careers to flourish. My believe is may is should end after the death of a creators spouse and immediate family.

    1. I’m in same position about intellectual property but I want my own kids to be more successful than myself and not depend on my own success for their livelihoods when I’m long gone.
      As for the wife who makes less than me, it’s called a good life insurance policy along with other smart investing, savings.
      It’s kind of like social security, sure it’s great and it helps relieve the stress from the burden of bills and other life requirements after one retires but I’ll be damned if I’m going to depend on someone else to take care of me before and after I’m long gone. That’s upon ourselves and I don’t want my kids to expect they’ll all be okay after I’m gone, piggy backing off my own success in my own career. That I think sets the wrong precedent to future generations. Make your own mark and make your own success I say. Sure it’s nice to get an inheritance but no one should expect one either.

      1. Believe it or not, there is a large faction in America that are unable to save for retirement, yet still work hard each and every day .. and, you’ll find as you get Older, a Term Life Policy of any real value will eventually become cost prohibitive .. after my 20 Year Guaranteed Term expired, my monthly rate on a meagre $150K policy has risen to $425.00 per month .. I’m 74 ..
        Based on your feelings, I’m going to assume you will be leaving your Children with no financial lasting Legacy .. although the Tax Laws regarding Inheritance are quite good and it’s been a cornerstone of Familial Wealth building for many years ..
        We don’t know what the Future holds for our Family, especially after we’re gone .. providing a leg up is part of the American Fabric, if you are able .. that has been the precedent and continues to be ..

        1. Oh trust me, I know about those who work hard and have no retirement.
          I wouldn’t assume my feelings and my own personal investments coincide with one another. I just made clear that I hope my kids are more successful than I am (and that’s not just financially, I want my kids to be more successful on all aspects of life) and do not rely on any “inheritance” to have a happy life or retirement of their own. I’d hope they consider it a bonus. I hope they learn that there are no guarantees in life. I think setting that precedent is just setting some for failure.
          I know people who don’t save for retirement because they claim their parents or grandparents will be providing for them when they pass on their wealth upon death. I think this approach is wrong on so many levels.
          When my own dad passed away, it wasn’t much but I’m in a good enough position that none of what he left I needed, it went to my own retirement. As for my siblings, it was spent before it reached their bank accounts.
          But feel free to ask my kids when and what they inherit after I’m long gone. I can only hope they took my life advice and tell those nosy enough to ask that it’s “none of their damn business” 😉

          1. All my kids will get is comics. My family unfortunately doesn’t have much money and the little bit of joy we get is from comics reading them together and displaying them talking about them. So when they get hem it will be a reminder of the times we spent a. There are no investments where I’m from just work till you die. I have a college education work in the foreclosure industry and have a decent job but a wife with lupus twin boys and just got out of bankruptcy it will be a long time till I can give my kids anything worthwhile but I hope the 4 comic o give them makes them happy

            1. Great memories are worth more than anything else in the world. I’d rather be poor with happy memories than rich with none.

      2. I come at things like this as a guy that had absolutely no boost from Inherited anything .. because my folks just did not have it .. so, I’ve had to provide myself and my family whatever we’ve had .. I don’t regret a minute of it .. I gave up being Bill Gates many years ago .. as a Comic Shop owner, with rare exception, you’re not going to get rich ..
        I’ve done pretty good by the standards of my upbringing .. and, I am very happy to leave a financial Legacy when I pass .. and, that Legacy will also include the Value of Hard Work and Determination so I know what I do leave will be appreciated ..
        Good discussion, Mr Poyo .. 🙂

        1. Exactly. I’ll pass on anything I have left as well to kids or beneficiary but as a parent, my ultimate success story is if my kids turn out to be great people and make a difference in the world somehow, rather it be a huge difference or if they made a difference for just one person.
          One thing you never hear at a funeral is… “You know, Poyo had a lot of money”. I’d rather people say, “You know, Poyo was a great person and will be missed”

    2. Its definitely a grey area. Snyder’s Court of Owls wouldn’t exist though if it wasn’t for the creation of Batman and other characters within. So do we strip Snyder of some wealth because the whole thing wasn’t totally original; and do we strip the wealth of future writers who use the Court of Owls.Batman, etc., in a new and exiting way??? Grey all the way, but I think the bottom line is that people in this business should rely on the profits they get for the work at hand.

    1. Agreed. The Re-birth Superman books were probably the best thing to come out of that era. I am dropping all Bendis-Superman books. I got behind in reading, but now that I am caught up, I am out. First time I haven’t had Superman and Action on my pull list.

  6. I dislike that Redneck is not listed for Image in January according to the latest previews. Also theres maybe one middleton cover on the DC side.

  7. Having just read the 46 responses and past articles, I sometimes get the feeling like some of us need lives…..

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