Panther-Pool Anyone?

Is the world ready for Deadpool to be King of Wakanda?

It appears that might actually happen if you’ve seen the cover of issue #4 of the new series Black Panther vs Deadpool.
Screen Rant was the first to report this cover in what appears that Deadpool has taken the throne in Wakanda, with a Black Panther Deadpool style outfit.
Please do share your thoughts on this? Is it just marketing? Or is there an actual surprise twist to this synopsis? Guess we’ll all find out soon enough.

23 thoughts on “Panther-Pool Anyone?”

    1. Black Panthers are native and Africa. Fyi. However, a panther is known as a leopard in Africa. But they are the same species.

      1. I thought theoretically they’re all Leopards.
        The Black Panthers in Africa still have spots if you catch them at the perfect angle in the light from what I recall.

      2. Wow I can actually bring my work into this one. The word Panther is loosely used because its the genus and when termed “black” they are referring to black varieties of jaguars or leopards. Look at the U.S., we have mountain lions, cougars, puma, and panthers (Florida Panther), they are all the same species (or subspecies) but go by a variety of names. Yes Black Panthers do live in Africa (really leopards which you can usually still see the spots as Poyo said).
        Sorry, had to geek out for a minute.

      1. Yes it does, its somewhere between Kenya and Uganda….dammit, ive said too much!!!
        @Andrew C thanks for the science lesson. I thought the term Black Panther referred specifically to the black panthers in Asia (i think).

      2. When in Africa, you must visit the countrt of Malawi. Marijuana grows naturally there. Although it is illegal, you can find good bud literally growing on the side of the road. The soil there has some unique properties which allow the naturally growing marijuana to produce a hallucinogenic form of THC, known as HTHC. This will give the user a high that can last days. The locals will sell you it in ‘cobs’. A ‘cob’ is basically a half quarter wrapped in a corn cob. The locals also bake with it and make a dessert known as ‘space cake’. Space cake will put your mind in another world for 24-48 hrs. You can live like a Wakandan king for as little as $5 a day on the beaches of Malawi.

          1. Funny thing is. Poyo. That info on Malawi is from the back of a High Times magazine centrefold that I had in my locker in highschool. And the funny thing is that the name of the article was ‘Pack your bags’.

  1. Nah. I believe it’s just a cover. Sadly, we haven’t seen a cover that provides some onsite about the story within the comic in like 15 years!

  2. After Deadpool vs Old Man Logan I swore to never buy another deadpool vs anything. Too goofy and over the top. Deadpool is more cartoon than anything and offers very little besides a distraction to any marvel storyline. Movie deadpool is cool…….comic deadpool is more fool than cool (much like Liefeld…..geez what kind of Ahole says something like this).

  3. this will be the next juggerduck the next cosmic ghost rider. I can see Deadpool giving panther the royal smackdown and taking his lanmd #testify I can see this costume being a cos play favorite time to buy more cat trap there first meeting . I am buying a truckload of these #testify love you all blind adam out

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