Gwyneth Paltrow Leaks Rescue Armor for Avengers 4

Not sure that she will end up in trouble for this as Marvel likes to keep spoilers and leaks to a minimum, but she has leaked a photo of herself in armor confirming she will be Rescue in Avengers 4.

Rescue first appears in Iron Man #10

A few days ago, a leak of the Avengers 4 Action Figures showed a Rescue figure on the back of the card art.

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  1. I already had a few copies from when Lego Marvel came out a long time ago. Specing video games since Mortal Kombat vs DC for characters first appearances to nab that’s why my BA #12 only cost me $50.

  2. Glad I picked up a few of the 2nd print a while ago. They were cheaper than the regular cover for a while. Time to sell a couple

  3. I think mel v is on to something. listen to the unpressable defects podcast it is #awesomesauce. but mel thinks there will be an allf emale avengers line up could this be the first sign of that?look how marvel is pushing female super heros as of late marvel rising rescue spider gwen/ghost this is #awesomesauce times we live in #testify blind adam out

    1. Yeah, Alana was talking about an all girl cast not long ago and I have heard that same subject come up elsewhere as well. I am pretty sure Marvel films will do something with an all female team such as A-Force but I wonder if it will be a stand alone film or a group that appears together in a already existing property/film when a big threat such as Galactus or the Beyonder potentially shows up.

  4. The problem with aForce is Nico is already in Runaways so they would have to use the same actress or flash forward into the future to use her as a different actress, if they want to keep semi continuity throughout the MCU unlike DC all the Marvel television shows minus the mutant stuff is suppose to be a part of the MCU. Also Shehulk I really don’t know if her rights fall under that Hulk universal deal so that maybe off limits. Other possibilities a Thor spin-off Valkyries, or a trio after Captain Marvel movie including Photon, Phyla, Kamala. Now that Rescue is coming to film maybe an all female show could be Ironwomen. Also Thunderbolts all girl team with Moonstone, Songbird, Photon or even an Antman spin-off with Ghost, Cassie, Wasp.

    1. I would think if Marvel films ever did anything with A-Force they would certainly change some of the characters around mainly due to the problems you indicated with such properties as She Hulk. Her rights I believe are with Universal…from what I have heard anyway. A-Force in the films would be pretty awesome with Valkyrie, Rescue, Shuri, Captain Marvel, Wasp, Monica Rambeau (if introduced soon) and maybe introduce Singularity. Something like that would work pretty well and probably beat the tar out of DC’s Girl Power, Birds of Prey movie.

  5. For once my copies of a book were in the box I thought they were and didn’t have to dig! Picked up a couple of the Rescue Women Of Marvel one-shot not too long ago. Could be a sleeper

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