CHU Deal: Venom #1 Movie Variant

Up for grabs to anyone interested, Venom #1 AMC Movie variants.
I have 19 copies of the Venom #1 AMC movie variant.
From time to time I try to offer up cool giveaways and other deals when I can find them. I know these were initially hard to find, so when I came across a stack of them at AMC, I thought I would grab them.
$3 each plus $3.99 Shipping. They are light so I can do 2 copies at the 10 ounce shipping.
Post in comments if you are interested and email at to arrange payment.
They did come from a non-comic source so they are not 9.8’s but I grabbed the best ones they had left.
All Copies have been paid for and claimed.
Thank you all for the interest I knocked them out in order in which they came.

29 thoughts on “CHU Deal: Venom #1 Movie Variant”

  1. I’l take one if any remain! If not, no worries. Thx for making some available and congrats to those that grabbed one! (e-mail coming!)

    1. Thanks for reporting back. I switched from Gemini II boxes to the ones from Matt’s baseball and was happy with them. Saved a couple of bucks on the 100 I order every month/ every other month.

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