NYCC 2018 DC Primal Age Mister Freeze Giveaway Contest

I’m feeling in the mood to give something away. So for all you who missed out in going or nabbing one of the exclusive freebies at NYCC 2018 this year, here’s your chance at the DC Primal Age Mister Freeze from Funko.

It’s Funko’s new He-Man syle action 5 1/2″ figures. Kind of weird but kind of cool all at the same time.

Contest rules are easy, just comment below with your name or WordPress handle (for those concerned about privacy, I understand since I go by an alias as well).

1. One entry per person via comment on the website. We can track this you know, don’t try to sneak in more than one or Poyo will virtually peck you with his beak and then disqualify you.
2. Poyo pays for shipping within United States. I ask if you are international you chip in for shipping costs.
3. Contest ends after a day (24 hours) goes by with no new entrants or after one week, which ever comes first.
4. Winner to be selected randomly.

Good luck!


About agentpoyo

I'm just a chicken, who loves hanging around and I also started, a site I hope carries the same success for those that love and sell Legos.
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73 Responses to NYCC 2018 DC Primal Age Mister Freeze Giveaway Contest

  1. Tom James says:

    Tom James

  2. JayClue says:


  3. Matthew Seal says:

    Matthew Seal

  4. Matt Riley says:

    Matt Riley

  5. Jose Gallegos says:

    Jose Gallegos

  6. Brennan says:


  7. Miecree Cannon says:

    Miecree Cannon

  8. Mike Johnson says:

    Mike Johnson

  9. anson chan says:

    anson chan

  10. Andrew C says:

    Andrew C (love the He-man style on this figure).

  11. Thomas Graham says:

    Thomas Graham

  12. Aaron says:

    aaron sparks

  13. Joseph says:

    joe gannon

  14. Jim Bowers says:

    Jim Bowers

  15. David Wilton says:

    David Wilton

  16. Mike Satz says:

    Mike Satz

  17. Eric Miller says:

    Eric Miller

  18. Jon Somerlade says:

    Jon Somerlade

  19. Adam g Steeves says:

    Adam Steeves

  20. Shawn M. says:

    Shawn M.

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