10 thoughts on “A Book to Watch or Seek Out – Return of Wolverine #1 2nd Print”

  1. Its not being recalled. They are just sending out replacements which will keep this from ever being worth much. Probably already peaked.

    1. I didn’t think it was a true recall when they tell shops to destroy or keep.
      Regardless, it’s still easy money right now as I don’t see this being a heavy print run being that the first print was massive at 260k or so. I think most shops are still trying to dump their first prints and didn’t even bother with the second print.

  2. I ordered two copies from my comic shop. Cracked open the box this morning to post on the bay and what do I find? Two copies of number 2 inserted into bags labeled for the second print. Pretty convenient huh?

      1. Yeah, I resisted the urge to accuse them of switching them on purpose in my email, but still awfully suspect when the label on the bag says #1Y. Oh well.

      1. Fair enough and I get it, though if that’s the case, don’t put it up on the site for sale. Or email the people that ordered it and let them know there is an issue and they can’t ship the issue out. I’d rather any of that than thinking I’m getting the book and now have to mess with a return.

        1. Yup. If I were a shop owner I’d just tell the customer to keep the mistake and ship out replacements if available. If none available, refund them. That’s good customer service when you are the reason of the mishap. Having customers spend the time to repackage and return is not the best route to go.
          ComicXposure, you reading this? You need all the help you can get when it comes to taking care of the people who keep you in business. 😉

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