A Comic Heating Up – Harley Quinn #42

Who’d of thought I could make a title with the actual title of this site right? Here’s a book that has potential and has now seen a few sales in the $20 range.

Perhaps Old Lady Harley #1 gave reason for some to seek out her first appearance which appears Harley Quinn #42 is selling well with some of the most recent sales above the $20 mark, one at $29.99.
Cover A seems to be the winner though as there was a Frank Cho variant as well. But cover A had Old Lady Harley on the cover which makes this one more enticing for a first appearance book.

4 thoughts on “A Comic Heating Up – Harley Quinn #42”

  1. #awesomesauce.going to buy a ton of these now. don’t forget about batman beyond the return of the joker as this is the true first old lady Harley and it is a rare book plus there is a batman beyond return of the joker script bookas well happy hunting blind adam out

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