Attack of the Killer B's: Batgirl #29 Middleton Variant

DC has been killing it with their cover price variant program featuring big name artists. Batgirl #29 is one of those books. Joshua Middleton’s covers for the series have been incredible.
Batgirl #29 shows Joshua Middleton can go above and beyond with his covers. A real work of art, eh?
Batgirl #29 Middleton Variant is out November 28, 2018

11 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer B's: Batgirl #29 Middleton Variant”

  1. It’s cool but I’m starting to get over Middleton now. I’d rather see these characters in action rather than just posing for the camera per se. Possibly something that even relates to the story itself within the book.
    Does anyone read Batgirl or are people just buying Middleton variants? I’m willing to bet its more of the latter than anything.

  2. ……or sell them as a set. Possibly the best one yet. So life like I expect it to move as if it was from the walls of Hogwarts. I have just received the #28 variant in the post today and its stunning. Do I read them…I glance then back in the bag. As long as they increase in price Im buying.

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