Ewan McGregor cast as Black Mask in Birds of Prey Movie

Actor Ewan McGregor adds more star power to the Birds of Prey movie. He was cast as the villain Black Mask.
Black Mask first appears in Batman #386.
From Deadline.com

Black Mask is a Gotham City mob boss aka Roman Sionis who leads the False Face Society gang. In the comics, he killed his wealthy parents in order to take control of their corporation, but he was a terrible businessman and lost everything. He blames others for his shortcomings with Bruce Wayne being one of his targets.
McGregor joins Margot Robbie who is reprising her role as Harley Quinn, and as exclusively reported by Deadline, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing Huntress while Jurnee Smollett-Bell will play Black Canary. Separately, it was reported elsehwhere that Rosie Perez is playing Renee Montoya. Sue Kroll is producing through her Kroll & Co. label with Robbie and Bryan Unkeless. Christina Hodson penned the screenplay.
On Tuesday Birds of Prey director Cathy Yan told the crowd at the U.S-China Entertainment Summit how she landed the directing gig for the DC movie. She also confirmed that Birds of Prey was Rated-R and will feature a half-Asian character, Cassandra Cain, who in the comics is one of the vigilantes who takes on the role of Batgirl. Birds of Prey opens on Feb. 7, 2020. Hodson is also writing Batgirl for Warners.

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  1. He is a pretty good actor but I doubt this news will do anything for Batman #386 price wise. Maybe a small spike. It the movie isn’t good the price could potentially drop a bit so don’t buy at peak prices. If you don’t have the book already and want it, take the chance and wait. Odds are you may actually get a better price down the road. If DC had a better track record with their films I might think differently but for a DC villain who will probably see just one movie I don’t think there is reason to go nuts on it right now. That train as left the station a while ago.

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