NYCC Rick and Morty Presents Sleepy Gary Foil – Giveaway

I’m feeling in the mood to give something away again.

You all like potentially free stuff right? So for all you who missed out in going or nabbing one of the exclusives at NYCC 2018 this year, here’s your chance at the Rick and Morty Presents Sleepy Gary NYCC Foil Cover Exclusive from Oni Press.

These actually retailed for $20 at the convention and we haven’t seen much action on the secondary market for these. Nevertheless, still a cool book to own, particularly for you Rick & Morty Fans.

Contest rules are easy, just comment below with your name or WordPress handle (for those concerned about privacy, I understand since I go by an alias as well).

1. One entry per person via comment on the website.
2. Poyo pays for shipping within United States. I ask if you are international you chip in for shipping costs.
3. Contest ends after a day (24 hours) goes by with no new entrants or after one week, which ever comes first or when I remember to check.
4. Winner to be selected randomly.

Good luck!


About agentpoyo

I'm just a chicken, who loves hanging around and I also started, a site I hope carries the same success for those that love and sell Legos.
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93 Responses to NYCC Rick and Morty Presents Sleepy Gary Foil – Giveaway

  1. Jim Church Sr says:

    Jim Church Sr

  2. ki1owatt says:

    Damien Kruzel

  3. Jamie says:

    Jamie Humber

  4. Drew Arnold says:

    Drew Arnold

  5. Vick Ramroop says:

    Vick Ramroop

  6. Matthew Seal says:

    Matthew Seal

  7. LOYD BAILEY says:

    Mike Bailey

  8. Mike Fechner says:


  9. admin says:

    Jaime Chamorro

  10. Richard Willams says:

    Sonny W.

  11. Rubin Simpson says:

    Rubin Simpson

  12. Derek says:

    Derek S

  13. Ricky says:

    The reply posts on this makes me laugh. Everyone is serious and genuine with their “reply” and “insert name here”, therefore I shall do the same.


  14. Shawn M. says:

    Shawn M.

  15. Chris Miller says:

    Chris Miller

  16. Vernon says:


  17. Thomas Kelly says:

    Tom kelly

  18. AL says:

    Alkis Macro

  19. Peter says:

    Peter Taylor

  20. Mike Seaton says:

    Mike Seaton

  21. Jim Bowers says:

    Jim Bowers

  22. Mike Johnson says:

    Mike Johnson


    Michael Richardson

  24. Kevin Marmillion says:

    Kevin M

  25. NotJon says:

    Jon S

    Thanks so much, this is an awesome contest!

  26. Nik Romero says:

    Nik Romero

  27. Jeff Knight says:

    Jeff Knight

  28. Melvin Fleming says:

    Melvin Fleming

  29. Chris Ahart says:

    Chris Ahart

  30. John C Hull says:

    John Hull

  31. Dan says:

    Dan Rodenberg

  32. Black Bolt says:

    I’m late, again? wubba lubba dub dub!

  33. Mycomicspulllist aka….me

  34. Mike Flavin says:

    Michael Flavin

  35. Anthony Leiggi says:

    Anthony Leiggi

  36. Eric Miller says:

    Eric Miller

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