Outer Darkness by Layman and Chan – Sneak Peak Extended Preview

A new Image book hits stands this coming Wednesday from John Layman (CHEW, Eleanor and the Egret) and artist Afu Chan. I’m a sucker for sci-fi so this one had been on my radar, not because I enjoy Layman’s writing (see my handle, I’m a big CHEW fan apparently).
Also Eleanor and the Egret was an awesome read which I highly recommend. Don’t think it got the credit it deserves.

Here’s the official solicitation from Image comics for this new series:

Sci-fi and horror collide in this new series from the co-creator of CHEW! Mankind has colonized the galaxy, but during our interstellar travels, we discovered a terrifying secret out in the Outer Darkness of space. Join Captain Joshua Rigg and the crew of the starship Charon as they encounter demonic possessions, hauntings, cosmic horror, and more! All-star writer JOHN LAYMAN (CHEW) and artist AFU CHAN (Immortal Iron Fists) are ready to let you know that outer space is terrifying.

So here’s an extended sneak peak preview of the book, enjoy.

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      1. TWD is still on TV? And people still watch it? Wow. I barely made it past season 3-4 of that hot pile. Seriously, what is ‘new’ about that show, or whatever, that keeps people interested in that show? I heard Kirkman is going to recast the entire show and do a remake of the most popular episodes with the new cast. Are you on board? 😳

        1. Supposedly Season 9 is getting better reviews but it’s just too late for me to get drawn back in to care. I guess it’s just I’m too busy as well, I don’t watch too much TV nowadays.

      2. We just got Judith Grimes with Ricks gun and Michonne’s sword. Just announced a movie trilogy with Rick Grimes after leaving the show and announced a possible Maggie movie in the works. Ratings are back up show is great and heading to the big screen.

        1. Ratings likely back up for last nights episode but overall they’re reaching new lows overall. I read after the first 3 episodes this season, they started to dip below season 1 type ratings.
          Walking Dead movies? Yawn.. makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

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